This section includes shorter reports on interesting individual types, together with detailed analyses of specific points referred to in the general articles.

The most recent addition is a Note on the “Papal-Byzantine” types and the Siliqua. (Jan. ’12).

The Note on the estimation of coin die numbers has now (Nov. ’11) been extensively revised and extended.

Also included is a Note on a possible issue of the Despots of the Morea, together with some recent (Apr. ’11) references to examples of these types in the ANS Collection.

Another Note covers the Asian issues of Andronicus II, and reassigns the joint rule type S.2464 to Andronicus II and Michael IX in Anatolia; also the putative Latin Imitiative Type X has also been tentatively assigned to Asia Minor.

Some unpublished types from the Arta 1983 hoard are also described.

Bendall’s reconstructed Hoard of 2000

A coin of the despotes of the Morea

Estimating die numbers to produce coin

Numebered die issues to produce coin

S 2477 Andronicus III Palaeologus or Andronicus I Gidon