Note that the images below involve a range of denominations and are not to scale. A question mark “?” with an image indicates more than usual uncertainty as to the assignment of a mint or period.

The arrangement below constitutes a single jpg image of around 1.3 Mbyte, so it may be more convenient to save it in your own files (and rearrange as you see fit). For convenience it is best viewed with a picture editor like Paint. This may be necessary in particular with Windows 10, where scaling up the display may produce fuzzy text or images.

Latest additions/revisions:

21 Sep. ’13: Klazomenae added.
12 Nov. ’13: Phokaia revised.
15 Jan. ’14: Hd 75 variant added to Northern C.
26 Mar. ’14: Upright lion head type added. Fibula types moved to Ionia K.
27 May. ’14: Chart partially rearranged – some mints relabelled.
16 July ’14: Minor Local Issues added.
18 Aug. ’14: Some minor revisions.
16 Nov. ’15: Phokaian hektes revised. Heavy weights of finer style Northern types noted.

Early Electrum coins Types - Phokaia
Early Electrum coins Types – Phokaia