The arrangement below constitutes a single jpg image of around 2.2 Mbyte, so it may be more convenient to save it in your own files (and rearrange as you see fit). For convenience, it is best viewed with a picture editor like Paint. This may be necessary in particular with Windows 10, where scaling up the display may produce fuzzy text or images.

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Note that the images in the chart involve a range of denominations and are not to scale. Half staters (only) are specifically labelled with their denomination. A question mark “?” with an image indicates more than usual uncertainty as to the assignment of a mint or period.

Note also that the relatively large number of types shown for some mints means that the images in these cases probably cover longer periods on the chart than they did in reality. In particular, it may be that the Lydian mints didn’t all overlap in time to the extent shown here.

Latest additions/revisions:

13 Jan. ’15: Horse head stater Weid. 138-40 moved earlier on basis of weight.
18 Apr. ’15: Dolphin type moved tentatively to Group G.
8 May ’15: Low (late?) weight of Pebbly type noted.
18 May ’15: Lydia B and Ionia J/Lydia C modified, some mints moved and relabelled.
9 June ’15: Primitive lion head moved provisionally to Ionia G.
20 July ’15: Groups H and above relabelled.
25 Feb. ’16: Griffin type relocated.
19 Aug. ’16: Borosthenes(?) types added.
09 Jan. ’22: Some minor revisions to chart labelling.
26 Mar. ’22: Group G revised.
12 Apr. ’22: Post-Naos types noted (Ephesus and Lydia B). Pot Hoard dating revised.



Early basic Electrum type coins