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  • visa

    Visa integrates the first Solana project into its Fintech Fast Track program

    Zebec, a Solana – based programmed cash flow protocol, has partnered with Visa to participate in the exclusive Visa Fintech Fast Track program. According to a press release, Zebec is the first Solana – based project to be accepted into the Visa program, which has supported companies including Stripe, Chime and Ongoing payments are […] More

  • Why is Solana falling so big this week?

    Why is Solana falling so big this week?

    Recent comments from the Federal Reserve have led to strong sales of cryptocurrency investments, and Solana has been hit harder by the withdrawal than the rest of the market. Solana has lost about 16.5% in the past week, according to Coingecko. Cryptocurrencies are sometimes referred to as a decentralized investment option that can provide protection […] More

  • Can Solana remain the dominant PoS chain despite ongoing outages?

    Can Solana remain the dominant PoS chain despite ongoing outages?

    Like most new age networks, Solana was developed to address major issues facing the blockchain industry. While the network solved some of these problems by its very nature, there were also some unique challenges. From resource depletion to assurance stops, the Solana network has suffered a number of obstacles that have led to repeated power […] More

  • Binance is building an office in metaverse Solana

    Binance is building an office in metaverse Solana

    Crypto-currency exchange Binance is building space in the Portals, a metaverse platform built on the Solana blockchain. Gateways recreate a dense urban environment where users can explore interactive buildings and rooms. ” Binance.US is in the process of securing space in Downtown Portals with the aim of providing the latest news, charts and virtual events […] More

  • crypto monnaies

    Solana and Avalanche could be the best choices in 2022

    Ending 2021 with a market capitalization of $ 2.2 trillion, the total valuation of cryptocurrencies is almost triple from the $ 774 billion at the beginning of 2021. 2022 also looks promising, even if the first days of January are difficult, the year 2022 presents itself present under the scheme. best protection. 1. Solemn With […] More

  • Solana victim of her own success!

    Solana victim of her own success!

    Solana is the “other” NFT blockchain behind the unmanageable Ethereum. A status that the altcoin struggles to accept and which sometimes upsets its network. The last network outage was attributable to robots specifically targeting NFT purchases. In order for these problems not to recur indefinitely, Solana Labs must review its copy accordingly. He’s working on […] More

  • OpenSea

    OpenSea may include Solana NFTs soon!

    According to rumors circulating on Twitter, OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT market, may soon plan to support Solana-based NFTs. The OpenSea website indicates support for Solana NFTs Blogger Jane Manchun Wong posted screenshots from the OpenSea website showing Solana among the supported blockchains, namely Ethereum, Klatyn, and Polygon. The screenshot also shows the market supporting […] More