XRP Bitcoin Bull market – July 14 technical analysis

XRP Bitcoin Bull market - July 14 technical analysis

Yesterday, Ripple’s XRP token boomed after winning a long legal battle with the SEC. The US judge’s decision has indeed had a major impact on the crypto industry. For its part, the crypto queen reached a 12-month high. The bull market appears soon, with XRP and Bitcoin (BTC) in charge!

Ripple emerges against the SEC: XRP explodes 100%!

Good news rocked the crypto industry yesterday. After a long legal battle, Ripple won its lawsuit against the SEC. In fact, a US judge has ruled that Ripple’s XRP is not considered a financial security.

In response, the value of the XRP token increased to nearly $1. Currently, this rate is at 0.789 $. This rise was supported by the decision of several exchanges, such as Coinbase and Gemini, to reintroduce XRP as a tradable crypto on their platforms.

Additionally, Santiment chain data shows interesting activity from major XRP investors following this good news. In this context, the value of Ripple may increase further with the next target set at $2. So it might be interesting to buy XRP tokens now:

Admission: $0.7;

Stop: $0.54;

Target: $2.

XRP Bitcoin bull market
Ripple (XRP) daily chart – source: TradingView

Bitcoin (BTC) hits 12-month high

While investors are focused on the XRP situation, BTC broke through the $31,000 mark yesterday. So the crypto flagship closed the day on Thursday in positive territory. In this uptrend, the crypto flagship hit a new high since June 2022 at $31,890.

This rise is likely to continue as wallets holding up to 100 BTC show signs of accumulation, according to Santiment. Moreover, the inflation rate in the United States, together with the victory of Ripple (XRP), is favorable for the crypto industry. So, it might be time to buy some BTC tokens.

XRP Bitcoin bull market
H2 Bitcoin (BTC) chart – source: TradingView

Admission: $31,130;

Stop: $30,600;

Goal 1: $35,000;

Goal 2: $50,000.

In short, the bull market seems to be about to happen, carried by XRP and Bitcoin (BTC) which grabs all the attention. If Bitcoin ETFs are allowed, BTC could even see a 310% rise.

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