With a price increase of 723%, this coin will outperform Bitcoin, Ether and Shiba-Inu

With a price increase of 723%, this coin will outperform Bitcoin, Ether and Shiba-Inu

The two largest cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum are the undisputed leaders in the crypto market. Bitcoin started in 2009 and is now worth over $18,000 a coin. Ethereum and the Shiba Inu meme coin have experienced several price explosions in the past. Currently, however, it seems to be entering a bearish phase again, which is pulling almost all digital signals into the red.

But a relatively young base is currently on the way to surpass these developments in cryptocurrencies. Lucky Block – the gaming token, the NFT-based gaming platform has been developing rapidly in recent months and there have been many changes that have provided new course drivers.

The secret of the Lucky Block (LBLOCK) token: profits make the cryptocurrency attractive

On the Lucky Block platform, users have the opportunity to win big prizes by purchasing NFT collections. Shortly after the signal was released in January of this year, the price had already increased sharply. Over the past few weeks and months, the developers have implemented many changes to the platform.

In addition to the Android app, an iOS app is also now available for users. The competitions have been completely revamped and are now run weekly. Deposit holders have a much greater chance of winning a prize as a result of the changes. In addition, the prizes are much bigger than before, the jackpot is around five figures.

The previous LBLOCK course

After the token was listed on PancakeSwap in January of this year, the course started with a plus 736% within just 18 days. The listing continued at LBank on 25 July. On August 1, the coin was then listed on MEXC, one of the largest crypto exchanges, after which the price rose by 250%. At the end of August it rose again 180% within 3 days.

The listings on the crypto exchanges are very important for crypto currencies, they ensure that more market participants become aware of the coin and provide better liquidity to the project.

With the listing at LBank, the V2 token, which is based on Ethereum, was also released. This coin runs parallel to the previous version and is intended for trading on centralized exchanges, so there are no 12% transaction fees here, for example. However, if you want to continue participating in Lucky Block sweepstakes, you must have the V1 version.

The versions will soon be connected to the Ethereum bridge, the value of both token versions should be at the same level by calculation. After the release of the Bridge, which is scheduled for October 3rd today, one could expect a rapid price increase for both versions.

What are the prices for Bitcoin and Co.?

If you observe the price movements of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, you will see very volatile numbers. The coin is far from recovering from the collapse of May and June, when it fell to a value of $18,113.77. In August, the price temporarily rose back above USD 23,000, but today it is back at USD 18,549, so BTC is still miles away from its all-time high.

Even with the second largest giant, things are not going well at the moment. Just a few days ago, on September 15, Ethereum released the big merger. Since the big update, where the token switched to the proof procedure, the price of ETH has been falling steadily. A month ago it was USD 1,733, today it is USD 1,304, a drop of over 25%. Today, Ethereum’s market cap stands at $170 billion, down 11% in the last 24 hours.

Already after the announcement of the merger, the price fell, leading investors to assume that many miners and investors would flee the big change and move to other proof-of-concept projects work.

The course of the popular Shiba Inu meme coin has to contend with similar developments at the moment. This month, the value of the Shiba Inu coin fell by 22%.

LBLOCK Prognosis: This could continue for Lucky Block

In the last 7 days, neither the V1 nor the V2 version of the LBlock token have seen any positive developments, but with the Ethereum Bridge announced, that could change very quickly. After the successful release, coin holders will be able to trade versions between each other.

If you want to exchange V1 for V2 token in the future, you will get 0.88 V2 tokens for V1. If the current prices are taken into account in these calculations, traders could get significant results immediately after the bridge is published. This should ensure a lot of price movement in the first few hours and days. The bridge also opens the doors to more than 4,000 decentralized applications in the Ethereum ecosystem for Lucky Block.

The developers are counting on additional CEX listings for the coming months, which usually have a positive effect on course. In addition, several new contracts are planned with advertising partners. Professional boxer Dillian Whyte is currently under contract and regularly announces the sign in packed stadiums.

In addition to the new trading version of the token and the immediate release of the Ethereum bridge, the marketing of the project is also crucial and could be a price driver.’s Lucky Block predictions are looking very bullish for 2023. So, an early value could be $0.003, which would be up over 800% at today’s rate. The predictions depend on how things have fared in the previous lists, but the plans for the future sign are very important. Users have been waiting for Ethereum Bridge for a long time, which will transform the entire LBlock metaverse. In addition, it should be remembered that there is a secure demand for the platform with its games of chance, because games of chance are always very popular, even during a crisis they are very popular.

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