Win Bitcoin: With these 3 possibilities you have a chance to win free cryptocurrencies!

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Who doesn’t like to win money? It is no longer a secret that there are some ways and opportunities in the crypto world that you can use to make Bitcoins, Ether and Co.

We have selected three exciting options that offer a great chance to win big: P2E games, staking or liquidity pools, and unique blockchain lotteries. Two platforms play the leading role in getting rich fast with digital coins: Lucky Block and DeFi Swap.

1. Play-to-Earn Games

Playing video games with earnings is a popular way to win bitcoins and other tokens. As the name suggests, P2E game players are given crypto when a wide range of tasks are completed – ie instead of the player spending money on the game. , the user is rewarded for gaming.

Meanwhile, P2E titles are already conquering all areas of the video game industry: from trading card games to fantasy fighting games to simple mobile games, everything really exists.

Axie Infinity is probably called the most famous play-to-earn game and belongs to the Ethereum cosmos. Axie Infinity players collect NFTs of small lovable monsters (“Axies”) that come with unique designs and various attributes and attributes.

They can also fight against other Axes and breed new creatures.

The following applies: the stronger and rarer the Axie, the more valuable the NFT. With the AXS coin, users can also participate in important governance votes and thus decide the future of the blockchain game.

Illuvium is the name of another play-to-earn game that is billed as the first AAA computer game using blockchain technology. An open world fantasy game comes with amazing graphics and an aesthetic open world to explore.

In addition to the existing gameplay, users can also capture Illuvials – the creatures in the world of Illuvium – representing NFTs. These are then traded at significant prices on the IlluviDEX. In addition, the AAA blockchain game has its own IILV token that players can earn and use for a variety of purposes.

So, there are several ways to earn crypto coins at Illuvium: by trading Illuvial NFTs, getting rewarded with ILV tokens, integrated fruit farming, and much more. But you can also earn Bitcoins and Co with mobile smartphone apps.

Game Illuvium Blockchain

You can download the STEPN app, buy an NFT digital sneaker and then earn money simply by walking, jogging or sprinting. The Sneaker NFTs have precise characteristics that determine how much the reward is for the distance traveled in a given time.

This gives you Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) running, which can be converted to cash. GST coins are now worth € 2.60, but a few weeks ago the crypto token reached a record high of € 8.58.

However, if you do not want to win native coins, but real Bitcoins, the Coin Hunt World app may be of interest to you. Like Pokemon Go, Coin Hunt World players also run around the world looking for valuable keys and vaults.

Mini-games are played regularly along the way, and quiz questions often have to be answered in order to be rewarded. In addition to Bitcoins or Ether, the safes can also offer in-house NFTs and other rewards – an exciting opportunity to combine the walk with a small side income.

2. Rewards through pools of commitment and liquidity

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The second way to earn bitcoins is through rewards, which can be obtained by applying or providing liquidity. Even if a certain amount of crypto tokens already needs to be in place for this, it is possible – unlike P2E games – to expect continued additional revenue.

Stacking can only be done with cryptocurrencies that work with the proof algorithm. The process uses coins to validate individual transactions. For example, the leading online broker eToro bets on the Cardano and Tron cryptocurrencies, with a fixed reward rate.

In addition, so-called liquidity pools can fall back from decentralized exchanges. Here you pay a selected amount of coins into the pool and receive a fixed percentage from the supplier as a reward for providing the liquidity.

For this method, we recommend DeFi Swap, DEX on Binance Smart Chain. In addition to trading any BEP-20 token, users can collect a share of the 0.25% fee per trade while adding liquidity. How high the share you receive as a reward per trade depends on the amount of coins deposited.

In addition, the native DeFi Coin (DEFC) offers a great opportunity to easily earn crypto tokens. There will be a 10% fee for any sale or swap of coins, half of which will be distributed to all DEFC holders.

3. Crypto Lottery

If you want to make “win” signs in the truest sense of the word, crypto lotteries like Lucky Block should be interesting. The growing gaming platform on the Binance Smart Chain caused quite a stir in the spring of 2022 with the fastest ever growth of the native LBLOCK coin – now the first Lucky Block lottery is set to take place later this month.

Lucky Big Town Block

The winning pot from the lottery is subject to special principles designed to significantly increase the fairness of gaming. So 70% goes to a top winner, the remaining 30% is shared equally among other LBLOCK holders, non-profit organizations and the Lucky Block Marketing team.

Lucky Block recently released its own NFT Platinum Rollers Club collection and its smartphone app for Android and iOS devices. This means you can soon participate in the big blockchain lotteries via mobile phone and hope for the big ticket.

Guide: How to enter the Lucky Block Lottery in May

Lucky block ticket

Participation in the Lucky Block Lottery can be secured in three simple steps:

Step 1: Attach a wallet

The first step is to go to and click on “Connect Wallet To Purchase” to pair our crypto wallet with the Web site. We can then buy Binance Coins (BNB), which are needed to buy Lucky Block Coins (LBLOCK) Coins.

We can buy BNB with crypto and fiat money. To do this, we enter the number of coins we want to trade in the upper range and confirm the transaction by clicking “Deposit”.

Step 2: BNB Exchange for LBLOCK

We then stay on the same platform as we want to exchange our Binance Coins for LBLOCK. To do this, we indicate the number of BNB tokens we need to exchange for Lucky Block Tokens and confirm the transaction.

Step 3: Participate in the lottery

We now have a successful investment in LBLOCK and are eagerly awaiting the Lucky Block Lottery. With Lucky Block native signs, we can easily participate in the big Jackpot lottery on the day of the event.

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