Will Ethereum fail? Co-founder Vitalik Buterin makes a clear announcement! Benefits of meme base in particular!

Ethereum wird ohne 3 Upgrades scheitern

According to the opinion from Ethereum founding member Vitalik Buterin it is quite possible that Ethereum fails can. Urgent changes to the network are needed to prevent this.

Shapella’s upgrade brings changes and troubled waters for Ethereum

That was done in April Shapella upgrade Ethereum has seen various changes and the cryptocurrency has found itself in choppy waters.

The stocks on the crypto exchanges for Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently at historic lows. At Ethereum, the burns are continuously growing since the update.

Since the Ethereum blockchain update with Shapella update, the amount of Ether is about one A rate of 0.502% per annum fell.

This is almost double that burn rate for the last 30 days and much more Post-merger rate 0.134% per annum.

Ethereum is becoming more independent of Bitcoin – but is that really a good thing?

Ethereum is increasingly moving away from its dependence on Bitcoin and has shown less parallelism in price developments in recent months.

However, the two leading cryptocurrencies will still be important factors influencing price developments in the future.

In 2023, both Bitcoin and Ethereum saw strong gains in value. Bitcoin has seen a significant 60% increase in value, while Ethereum has posted a solid 50% gain.

Coinbase is, after all, the second largest crypto exchange at all, is detailed Bitcoin and Ether price analysis as well as their correlation and also recognizes benefits for the Bitcoin course. There is renewed buying interest in Bitcoin, while Ether appears to be falling behind.

Although new cryptocurrencies are in most cases independent of the two largest and most famous cryptocurrencies, the prices of the new coins often have a fundamental influence. Bitcoin and Ethereum influence.

Do coin launches benefit from weakened Bitcoin and Ethereum prices?

On the other hand, crypto pre-sales, such as “Wall Street Memes”, tend to run independently of this, and often take advantage when Bitcoin or Ethereum prices are weaker.

This is mainly due to the fact that meme coins are not suffering so much from the current events at Binance and Coinbase. The SEC is suing both crypto exchanges and classifying many cryptocurrencies as securities.

Meme coins benefit from their strong community and Wall Street Memes in particular can score well here at the moment. It looks that way too Elon Musk so who got some tweets from Wall Street memes traffic and close monitoring of project success.

Meme coins probably offer elevated courses for investors, since the SEC does not classify meme coins as securities and they are usually traded decentralized.

The Wall Street Memes forecast is promising, and prices are likely to rise in the future. In addition, $WSM is listed on decentralized exchanges, which of course is a big advantage at the moment, because there is no dependence on Binance and Co.

The IS Presale at $WSM is running very well, so the end of the pre-sale is getting closer and closer. Investors who did not enter by that time must then enter on the prices that rose more to that point. So it pays to be quick in this case too.

Vitalik Buterin sees three essential changes for Ethereum: This meme coin takes advantage of them!

For Ethereum to survive in the future, co-founder Vitalik Buterin sees several necessary changes. Without adjustment, the cryptocurrency will disappear permanently.

What matters is the scale on layer 2 as well as Ethereum wallet security and data protection in the Ethereum blockchain.

Of course, Ethereum benefits from its good reputation and many new and promising cryptocurrencies rely on the Ethereum blockchain.

As an ERC-20 coin, the Wall Street Memes token also relies on the stability and gravity of the Ethereum blockchain.

According to Vitalik Buterin, it is important that the Ethereum blockchain transforms from an experimental technology to a technology stack that lives up to its reputation.

Here he is playing Scaling series 2 an important role that is ultimately also responsible for the speed of the transaction. Not only Ether, the Ethereum token, benefits from this, but also cryptocurrencies such as “Wall Street Memes” ($WSM).

Security for the cryptocurrencies stored in the blockchain is of course fundamental to Ethereum’s future. Especially considering that ERC-20 tokens also benefit from this security, so at this point $WSM as well.

In addition there is data protection and privacy protection on the Ethereum blockchain. At this point, all ERC-20 tokens benefit again as well as Ether, ie $WSM again.

Cryptocurrency with potential 2023


Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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