Will Ethereum ever overtake Bitcoin?

Ethereum dépassera-t-il un jour le Bitcoin ?

From Ethereum toppling Bitcoin by 2030 to asserting that Bitcoin will remain number 1, various crypto market watchers have been battling it out on Twitter to see if Ethereum can ever topple the king Bitcoin.

Flippening soon?

Currently, Ethereum is down 40% against Bitcoin and that could be worrying for the most confident traders. That doesn’t stop the Twitter crypto community from sharing their views this battle between the dolphin and the king of cryptocurrencies.

The site is specializing in the crypto sector CoinTelegraph the crypto community asked about this debate and the opinions are quite clear and varied‘Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin by 2030. Although he thinks it will be difficult, he thinks Ethereum’s transition to proof-of-stake will play a very important role in the rise of Bitcoin’s dolphin. However, for some observers this change to proof of commitment may not solve all the problems.

For Trade WakeNBake, Bitcoin is now a dinosaur. Thus, Ethereum will overtake the king of cryptocurrencies especially with the help of Polygon layer 2. As for it, Bitcoin has no real use anymore and should therefore be overtaken by Ethereum. A risky and rather ambitious bet for this Internet user…

Bitcoin: the real digital gold

On the other end of the spectrum, we find Rahul Singh who doverrun bitcoin by ethereum will never happen. Bitcoin shows according to the Internet user, real digital gold but Ethereum is an improvement on the internet. Many netizens share this sentiment and not only among Bitcoin maximalists.

A user named Bob Shiby recalls that room for both assets according to him. He still expects developments on the Bitcoin side but notes that Ethereum remains at the core a large number of projects and tokens in the crypto ecosystem.

On the site Monday1, a researcher specializing in decentralized finance, said that the change in consensus mechanism from proof of work to proof of promise it will allow Ethereum to overtake Bitcoin. With this flip, ETH will become inflated, security will be improved, and the asset will become one of the benchmark assets in the world.

Thanks to an index named the Flippening Index of the data analysis site it is possible to observe the evolution of this trend in the capitalization of the two largest crypto-currencies. We understand this image right now, Ethereum is still far from overtaking Bitcoin and it has been getting worse in recent months.

Will Ethereum ever overtake Bitcoin?

The Flippening Index (source:

All these views are acceptable and this debate is not over. Many think so Bitcoin will remain dominant, if due to his status as a pioneer and the innovation he implemented and this is the first. However, the arguments in favor of Ethereum are numerous and it is impossible to know at the moment who will be right…

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