Will Burger King accept Dogecoin in England? Is DOGE rising now?

Burger King akzeptiert jetzt Kryptowährungen.

Fast food chain Burger King now accepts cryptocurrencies as payment in restaurants. Burger King in England has now revealed in a tweet that they are very impressed with Dogecoin (DOGE). Hopefully this notice is sufficient Impact on the DOGE course Could be.

With the text “we have a dog“ (We need DOGE) Burger King has sent a clear signal.

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Burger King has been flirting with Dogecoin for some time

In 2021, the Burger King of Brazil is already there Doge accepted in part as a means of payment and 2022 Burger King responded with a tweet Elon Musk answered because McDonalds accepts Dogecoin as currency.

Of course, the recent tweet from Burger King about DOGE has already made some waves in the crypto world and the price of Dogecoin rose immediately after the publication, but it has since given way again.

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There is a DOGE course at a Resistance at around $0.08. If the cryptocurrency breaks through this course, there is a great chance for further price increases.

Doge’s course isn’t looking very good right now, and it’s hard to tell if news like Burger King will help. The problem is the high inflation of DOGE, due to the huge amount of new coins generated every year.

Other DOGE options like LHINU offer a better chance of winning

In general, other coins like Love Hate Inu (LHINU) are much more attractive right now. Fight-Out is among the most promising currencies in 2023. When asked which cryptocurrency will explode, LHINU is one of them very hot candidates.

Will LHINU be released soon?
Will LHINU be released soon?

It is not clear at the moment if DOGE is part of it, but it is unlikely given the state of the market and the charter. If Burger King actually accepts DOGE in England, that could be enough to raise the price. At the moment, however, it does not appear that the transaction will take place in the near future.

LHINU has a great chance to go through the roof

The IS LHINU cheap cryptocurrency (Love Hate Inu) is considered a memecoin with huge potential. In addition to being a meme, the cheap cryptocurrency offers a valuable blockchain function. The launch of the coin is imminent.

Love Hate Inu is one Blockchain based platform for polls and online polls. The concept is unique to date and rewards users for using the platform to vote and create polls.

The reward is the cryptocurrency LHINU. At the same time, the voting should be very secure, anonymous, transparent and traceable. The cryptocurrency that is still cheap in the presale has a lot of potential that goes far beyond the potential of other memecoins.

LHINU is therefore one of the most promising candidates for free coins.

Cryptocurrency with potential 2023


Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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