Why Ripple’s CTO Could Create Bitcoin?

Why Ripple's CTO Could Create Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, disappeared almost 12 years ago. Until now, much has been made about the reasons for his disappearance. Over time, several people have introduced themselves as Satoshi Nakamoto. But, they were unable to provide any concrete evidence. Therefore, the true identity of the creator of Bitcoin is a big mystery in the crypto space. While you wait for this mystery to be solved, find out the recent statements of Ripple’s technical director regarding Satoshi.

All the skills needed to create Bitcoin

Ripple’s CTO is David Schwartz. Recently, while commenting on a tweet, he did noticed that it may have contributed to the creation of Bitcoin. He specifically said: I could definitely be part of Satoshi. Almost everything Satoshi did is within my ability“.Unfortunately, I only discovered bitcoin in 2011“, he emphasized.

The statement from the head of Ripple

It must be said that David Schwartz is a person full of resources. For example, he among the original architects of the XRP Ledger. In addition, it works to improve global settlement with blockchain technology. Ripple’s technical director’s background and skills show that he could have participated in the creation of bitcoin (BTC) if given the opportunity.

For David Schwartz, yes “There’s nothing wrong with not being Satoshi”

In 2020, rumors began to spread that David Schwartz was Satoshi. At the time, Schwartz made a point to clear things up, saying he is not the creator of Bitcoin. Later, he said that the computer scientist Craig Wright, who has called himself Satoshi since 2016, did not create Bitcoin. Wright then sued trial against. Ripple’s CTO lost the case.

After suffering this defeat, Schwartz declared recently on Twitter:There is nothing defamatory in saying that Craig Wright is not Satoshi, just as there is nothing defamatory in saying that I am not Satoshi. There is nothing inherently wrong with not being Satoshi.“.

It’s okay not to be Satoshi

David Schwartz, again, reminded that he is not part of the group of Bitcoin creators. He clarified that he only discovered crypto in 2011; however, it has been there since 2009. It must be said that Schwartz, Satoshi is the pseudonym of a group of people and not an individual.

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