Why did Charles Hoskinson de Cardano (ADA) leave Ethereum?

Why did Charles Hoskinson de Cardano (ADA) leave Ethereum?

Many people do not know this, but the misunderstanding between Ethereum (ETH) co – founders almost expired in 2014. In fact, Ethereum co – founders hated each other. This also explains why Charles Hoskins left Ethereum in a climate of tension.

The Ethereum (ETH) co – founders did not share the same vision for the project

The project led to the development of the Blockchain Ethereum (ETH) invented and created by Vitalik when he was 19 years old. Vitalik then collaborated with various developers to put together Ethereum (ETH). However, despite his uncompromising skills and vision of the project ,. Vitalik clearly lacked leadership and he was too altruistic. Not knowing how to make difficult decisions, he gradually let his co-workers out of control.

The co – founders of Ethereum (ETH) really have only two things in common: a great appreciation of the Ethereum white paper (by Vitalik Buterin) and a clear disregard for the limits of Bitcoin (BTC). In fact, the various developers of the network Ethereum (ETH). each had their own vision of the project. In this context, a desperate power struggle was born. At some point, Vitalik was forced to join several members of his team.

That said, according to Matthew Leising’s book, Out of the Ether, Key players in Ethereum (ETH) include: Vitalik Buterin, Anthony Di Iorio who introduced Charles Hoskinson to the team, and Gavin Wood who is the chief architect of Ethereum (ETH). Then there are: Joe Lubin, founder of ConsenSys, and Amir Chetrit.

Charles Hoskinson, the most troubled of the co – founders?

Michael Perklin, ETH investor, said: “ Many co – founders called themselves in this project.“. “In my mind, there is only one Ethereum founder: the man who came up with the idea – and he deserves all the credit“, He stressed.

Seachas Vitalik, all Ethereum (ETH) network co – founders had problems, one way or another. For example, Gavin Wood was disrespectful to most people, and only accepted programmers. Amir Chetrit showed indifference to the project and came to work wearing t-shirts from other crypto projects.

But, Charles Hoskinson was the biggest problem of all. In fact, Charles Hoskinson has always wanted to lead the Ethereum (ETH) project: he presented himself as CEO of Ethereum.

According to the bookOut of the Etherthe other co – founders regarded Charles as a pathological liar. They felt that he was a sociopath who should never be trusted. Joe Lubin explained that Charles even wanted to convince people that he was Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin (BTC).

Given Charles Hoskinson ‘s behavior within the Ethereum (ETH) team, his exclusion from the project seems justified. However, the creator of Cardano (ADA) said after his departure: “He became a situation like the Lord of Flies, where power camps were set up and the winner was Vitalik’s most persuasive person.»

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