Who designed the bitcoin logo?

Who designed the bitcoin logo?

For more than a decade, the bright orange logo of Bitcoin (BTC) has become synonymous with financial freedom amid the modern recession and tight government oversight. However, unlike the mysteries of Bitcoin’s origins, the development of the Bitcoin ‘₿’ logo is well documented in the depths of the internet.

When Bitcoin was introduced 13 years ago by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto, the first iteration of the Bitcoin logo featured a gold coin with text ‘BC’ embedded in the center, as shown below.

However, on February 24, 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto came up with a new Bitcoin logo, in which “₿” replaced the text “BC” embedded in the gold coins.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s second attempt at the Bitcoin logo. Source:

Based on feedback from the public, Satoshi then made changes to the new logo and released the royalty-free images to the public domain. The logo was then adopted as the official Bitcoin logo for a short time.

Satoshi Nakamoto incorporates design changes based on community feedback. Source:

The decentralized nature of the Bitcoin ecosystem allows the general public to contribute to the Bitcoin network in various forms based on public consensus, including logo design. On November 1, 2010, a member of the Bitcoin bitboy community released a new iteration of the Bitcoin logo based on Satoshi’s design. However, this time the designer chose to replace the gold coin with the iconic orange circle and tiled the “₿” logo 14% clockwise.

Bitboy, aka the official Bitcoin logo, was designed. Source:

Thanks to the massive support of the public, the bitboy design has become the official logo of Bitcoin for the past 12 years. After releasing the final version of the Bitcoin logo, bitboy said:

“Now anyone can use the graphics freely, even for commercial purposes, thanks to this license and without being bound by any restrictions.”

Enthusiasts continue to release new logos for Bitcoin to this day, but the BTC community has yet to find a symbol that comes close to the beloved orange ₿.

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