While Bitcoin and Ethereum are posting losses, this crypto project has 20x potential

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are posting losses, this crypto project has 20x potential

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Bitcoin is under pressure against the explosion in fees from BRC-20 tokens, it had to give up $28,000. Ethereum is also falling and is staying just above $1,800. While the top two coins have no momentum, the new crypto project Web3 is going through the roof. Was it worth buying now?

How low will bitcoin fall?

Crypto investors need strong nerves again at the moment: Bitcoin has not managed to move sustainably above $ 30,000 for weeks – now the digital asset is also declining for a few hours, retreating below $ 28,000. BTC lost about 2% in the last 24 hours, trading at $27,575 as a result.

Ethereum behaves similarly: The second most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization has lost about 0.5% since yesterday and is just over $1,800.

In short: The top two bases are recording losses, and another correction could be on the horizon in the near term. For example, top analyst Michael van de Poppe said:

“Okay, Bitcoin is still going down, hit $27,400.

We will probably test even $26,800, but these are the zones for potential ships (going into the CPI).

The question will be whether we will offer a bullish div or something like that until then.”

His advice: “Patience”.

And even if artificial intelligence ChatGPT promises prices beyond $ 250,000: Analysts expect another leg down before prices rise again. An exception to this are pre-owned crypto projects – these are not yet available on the open market and are therefore not subject to price fluctuations.

Depending on the capital invested by the investor, the amount collected increases, which shows the potential of the project. In this regard, right at the forefront: the Web3 portal Launchpad.XYZ.

This is causing a sensation in the pre-sale right now and was able to raise almost 250,000 dollars in capital within a very short period of time. Why is it worth starting?

Launchpad.XYZ – a Web3 platform for all things crypto

First of all: Launchpad.XYZ is brand new, the project is still in the beginning of development. This is also reflected in the price: 1 LPX costs only $0.035 – Ethereum was once so cheap. If you want to enter, you can get the coin so cheap only in phase 1 – with the start of phase 2, the price rises to $0.0375.

Coin concept: Launchpad.XYZ develops an innovative platform that gives investors access to the best Web3 projects. Whether it’s NFTs, blockchain gaming, metaverse, or cryptocurrencies, Launchpad has everything you need to successfully navigate the crypto markets and achieve huge results.

In addition, compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are established but also expensive, slow and limited, Launchpad offers a cheaper and more promising investment with their optimized risk-reward ratio.

With Launchpad.XYZ you can not only follow the latest trends, but also participate in exciting pre-sales, receive exclusive rewards and benefit from advanced analytical tools. Otherwise, the Launchpad token (LPX) allows to participate in the development of the platform and benefit from its growth. So if you are looking for a better investment than Bitcoin or Ethereum: Launchpad.XYZ could be a great choice.

Forecasters also believe that the purchase could be worthwhile – they consider at least 10 times possible, ie a tenfold increase in the invested capital:

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