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Not so long ago, hardly anyone could imagine that Bitcoins could also be considered as an investment in the stock market.

A common sight in the stock market today, companies with a crypto background have become an exciting factor on global stock exchanges. We took a closer look at the most exciting Bitcoin stocks.

Bitcoin Group: The German market could offer potential

Bitcoin Group AG is a corporation based in Herford, Germany. The company is a market leader in digital currency trading in Europe, providing deep cryptographic services to both the European and international markets. The flagship is definitely the platform.

Some time ago, the people responsible decided to use the potential of the German stock market. Thanks to the proximity to the BTC brand, investors, on the other hand, can probably generate returns when the price of the largest cryptocurrency itself rises.

By purchasing Bitcoin Group shares, investors will be able to benefit from increases in the value of digital tokens or other blockchain app solutions.

Another plus point is that investors can trade with a relatively small seed capital, provided the trade is done through regulated brokers like Libertex.

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Overall, in addition to the in-house trading platform, Bitcoin Group AG offers strategic partnerships with exciting crypto companies to drive innovation and thus set an impulse for new technologies.

However, of course, there is no guarantee that all transactions will be successful or that future developments will promise sustained profit potential. As a potential investor, you should have a lot of background information about this particular company.

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Coinbase: US stock exchange could benefit from FTX and Binance decline

In recent years, the global economy has focused on the increased transfer of financial assets to bitcoins, altcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

This new phenomenon of trading digital assets brings more volatility and risk than traditional forms of investment, but at the same time reveals high return opportunities. Coinbase takes advantage of this. The company’s IPO was thus one of the hottest IPOs in recent years.

In addition to being a global leader in digital assets, Coinbase is the most traded provider of Bitcoin on the exchange. The company has a highly sought after stock exchange that enables its customers to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co instantly.

Coinbase stock

Since Coinbase can already be traded as a US stock on Nasdaq, international brokers can provide access to the security.

If the market picture of cryptocurrencies can turn positive again, it is likely that numerous investors will try to invest in Coinbase. However, the uncertainty within the market is already allowing more ambitious investors to cash in.

Meta: From the billion dollar grave to profit thanks to Metaverse

The Meta Course has been hit in recent months by extraordinary costs. Parent company Facebook has yet to prove that its focus on virtual lives will pay off.

However, many investors and users are slowly but surely recognizing the importance of the technology and could therefore invest in some strong Bitcoin stocks to take advantage of the Metaverse’s potential. Meta inevitably comes first.


After the recent mood of discontent, now may be the right time for investors to get involved. Incidentally, Meta has many other irons in the fire, giving the system some security.

Global Gaming Technologies: Investments could pay off in the future

There are many companies that are directly or indirectly involved in crypto projects and can benefit from growing adoption of the digital currency. One such company is Global Gaming Technologies, a Canadian company that specializes in investments in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other technology-related activities.

How skilful the management is acting now becomes clear when you consider that until recently the group was known as Global Blockchain Technologies. So the diversification refocus is clear and less risky than a single focus on the crypto platform.

Global Gaming Technologies

The company’s goal, even with the new name, is to offer its investors the opportunity to generate profits with innovative technologies and disruptive gaming providers. According to the company, it also puts a lot of effort into promoting exciting projects.

Global Gaming Technologies also has no way around software – whether based on cloud, blockchain or other solutions, the company tries to keep different offers open with a diversification orientation.


No matter what Bitcoin stock turns out to be, 2023 could see a realignment for the entire industry. If you have the right security in your portfolio, you could benefit from rising prices in this context.

Libertex shares

Choosing a suitable broker is also important. An investment in Libertex shares is probably recommended at this point. There are no commissions here, just market sheets. In the demo account, available on the Libertex website, you can test the platform without obligation and convince yourself of the various functions of the platform.

89.1% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

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Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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