What is the second best performing cryptocurrency behind bitcoin? This new coin could now exist

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Bitcoin and Ethereum are probably the most famous and largest coins among the cryptocurrencies. BTC laid the foundation of the crypto market in 2009 and is the undisputed leader till date.

Ethereum has held second place since its inception in 2015, but that could soon change due to major changes and a new coin.

Ethereum firmly in second place even after the merger

Ethereum was established as the second cryptocurrency in 2015 and today has a value of USD 1,605.16 and a market capitalization of approximately USD 190 billion. ETH is an open source decentralized blockchain system and the associated token is Ether.

The global platform allows users to write their own software that is protected against fraud and downtime. So far, the network has been protected by the proof-of-work algorithm.

With today’s merge, however, Ethereum is shifting to the proof process. The developers had already talked about a possible change a few years ago, and the update was worked on for several years then. There was already a lot of discussion among miners and investors when the changes were announced.

Investors and miners are shifting

Since the beginning of this year, the update has been released gradually. Today, September 15th, the merger will be fully completed and Ethereum will be running Proof-of-Stake from now on. Now the former ETH holders seem to be splitting, some miners and big investors have already switched to other coins to continue using proof-of-work.

With the change of procedure, the second largest base is now focusing on sustainability while at the same time making a statement regarding environmental protection. As different as the opinions on the changes are, the forecasts for Ethereum are also different.

Considering how important the topic of sustainability is in today’s world, Ethereum could attract some new investors and grow in strength. However, it is also possible that the merger will give the ETH course a significant dimension and it will come apart for a long time. This could lead to additional sales and exchanges by ETH miners if social media buzz is to be believed and many investors are now looking at new cryptocurrencies. Searchers may come across young coins that come with very good forecasts.

IBAT rises 700%: apply now?

After the quick sale in the pre-sale, the listing continued on PancakeSwap on August 17th. Just 30 minutes later, the IBAT course exploded 700%. Token holders who secured coins during the pre-sale are now able to realize significant returns, which is also the reason for the subsequent price drop.

The price dropped from 0.011 to 0.0035 USD, the coin was very volatile in the following days. The $ value today is 0.003576.

The developers of the IBAT token are fully committed to sports and games. That could create a lot of demand in the future. The successful launch caused quite a stir, after which the community behind Battle Infinity grew. More than 20,000 people are already following the official Twitter account.

battle infinity

If the team’s plans develop quickly and, above all, successfully and the games of the platform are well received, the value of the token should increase. In fact, he could soon be on his way to IBAT for second place in the rankings.

In various forecasts for next year, analysts take values ​​between 0.05 and 0.02 USD. At business2community you can see the signal at the end of this year during a bull case at USD 0.02, if a bear case happened it would be USD 0.075.

Next year, in the positive case, the token could have a market capitalization of USD 500 million. If you compare this value to Ethereum’s current market capitalization, a lot is still missing, but ​​the speed at which IBAT would have reached this value would be huge.

Does Battle Infinity (IBAT) have what it takes to become an Ethereum competitor?

The recently released Battle Infinity Coin had a very successful pre-sale. Within 24 days, 16500 BNB were exchanged for IBAT tokens. Probably no one expected such a quick sale, as the pre-sale was scheduled to last until October 9th.

The developers of Battle Infinity aim to be the leading brand in the crypto games space. The Metaverse offers various applications to users, especially game lovers will get their money’s worth here.

naming Infinity Battle (IBAT)
Start presale July 11, 2022
Presale ends August 4, 2022
kind of signs Signal BEP-20

Whether play-to-earn or multiplayer, the developers put sports in the focus of the games. With the planned size of the Metaverse, the sign could replace the previous Axie Infinity. But IBAT brings more features than the proposed games.

There are a total of six platforms available to users. Tokens can be exchanged and traded on the Battle Swap platform. The Marketplace is the place to buy in-game items. Players can then apply these to their avatars in the Battle Arena.

In the betting field, owners can generate passive income. IBAT Premier League aims to be the largest NFT-based decentralized fantasy sports game. By combining sports and games, Battle Infinity has great hype potential. Because games are becoming more and more popular in the crypto world, especially the play-to-earn games where players can earn tokens while playing are very popular.

Instructions: Buy Infinity Battle (IBAT) tokens.

Step 1: Cryptocoins running on the Binance Smart Chain are required to first purchase the IBAT token, as the Cath Infinity token is also based on it. These are, for example, Binance, BUSD or Tether.

So, in the first step, buy one of these tokens on an exchange and send them to your wallet.

A wallet can be set up and connected within minutes.

Buy IBAT at Pancakeswap

Step 2: Then visit the PancakeSwap website and link your wallet to the site.

Step 3: Now look for the “IBAT” or “Battle Infinity” and select it. The option opens a new window, enter here how many tokens you want to buy and what kind of currency you want to exchange them for. Your purchase is confirmed by clicking the “Purchase Complete” button. All you have to do now is send your tokens to your linked wallet.

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