What is going on with the Cardano testnet and the Vasil hard fork?

What is going on with the Cardano testnet and the Vasil hard fork?

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson went on to refute claims that Cardano’s test network is “catastrophically broken”, suggesting the need to move forward with Vasil’s long-delayed hard fork.

In a Twitter thread posted last Sunday, Hoskinson expressed his frustration over several videos claiming that Cardano’s testnet has a “catastrophic” problem, which follows from a thread posted on Friday by Cardano ecosystem developer Adam Dean.

The developer claimed that the testnet is “catastrophically broken” due to an undetected bug in Cardano’s Node v 1.35.2 that creates incompatible forks – which had managed to fly under the radar in previous tests.

After this bug, Cardano released its new client software, Cardano Node v1.35.3, on two separate test numbers.

However, Dean pointed out that since the majority of operators upgraded to v1.35.2 to simulate Vasil’s hard fork, v1.35.3 is also “incompatible and cannot be synchronized” with the testnet original, and both testnets have “no block history”.

However, Hoskinson insisted that the coding issue found on this Node build has been removed in the 1.35.3 update, sharing his frustration that further testing has resulted in further hard fork delays:

“We could, of course, as a community, delay Vasil’s launch for a few months to iterate on code that has already been tested a dozen times and is already working. Is it worth it for all the DApp developers who have been waiting for this update for almost a year now? “.

During a Ask me-Anything that happened on Friday, Hoskinson also said there was an “unfair narrative” floating around Cardano and its testnet issues, which he called “extremely corrosive and damaging”. »

“You can’t mistake a failed test network for the mainnet because test networks are built and destroyed all the time in this industry. This is their attitude. […] They are in no way, in any way, harmful to Cardano itself. »

On Sunday, Hoskinson noted that “authenticity is something so big and complicated that you can easily get caught up in the things that aren’t working well and forget what is. »

He said that one of the results of the Vasil hard fork will be a new governance process and more comprehensive structures that will lead to “more useful Code” and “faster developments.” »

“Moments that allow us to change and grow. Let’s make Vasil together and then take it to a higher level and fix some of the original sins of the project so that Cardano can also reach its next level. »

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Vasil’s hard fork has already been delayed several times this year, most recently at the end of July due to issues identified on the testnet. However, Hoskinson said during the AMA that he was optimistic that Vasil’s hard fork would ship “soon.”

“The features are there, they’ve worked, they’ve been thoroughly tested, and there’s a high level of confidence in them. There is no reason why he shouldn’t cross the finish line soon. »

Cardano’s ADA is valued at $0.45 on Monday, having fallen 18.5% over the past week.

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