What if Solana became a Cardano sidechain?

What if Solana became a Cardano sidechain?

Like crypto companies, blockchains can be made to collaborate to benefit each other for greater efficiency. It is therefore not uncommon to see blockchains joining another to benefit from the public support and security of the latter, while retaining their own characteristics.

These satellite blockchains, qualified as side chains, can improve the scalability of the main chains by deploying decentralized applications (DApps). The founder of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, Charles Hoskinson recently claimed that Solana (SOL) could play this role perfectly for the benefit of his network.

Better infrastructure and more liquidity

In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) session posted on his YouTube page, Charles Hoskinson discussed the possibility of Solana becoming a Cardano sidechain. In particular, he outlined the many benefits such a partnership would bring to the competitive blockchain, which has been affected by several network outages this year.

In fact, Cardano’s founder indicated that the sidechain would remain more or less autonomous in its mode of operation with some exceptions. In particular, the latter may maintain its own calculation model, consensus algorithm and notion of data availability.

However, it will have to return block rewards, which are initially allocated to its miners, bookmaker operators and ADA holders. This was authored by Charles Hoskinson because of the additional layer of security and liquidity that Cardano will provide to the sidechain.

“The model of Cardano sidechains is that if one of them comes in and joins Cardano, that sidechain is a partner of the main chains. The main blockchain provides security, provides infrastructure, provides an ecosystem, and provides liquidity. »

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A solution to recurrent Solana fractures

After his argument, the founder of Cardano put a lot of emphasis on the security aspect of the cooperation between the two blockchains. He also referred to the various breaches that have affected Solana’s reputation with decentralized application developers in the crypto industry.

Hoskinson claimed that “Solana would be in a much better position if it worked with Cardano.” He also assured that ADA holders would guarantee the reliability and security of the sidechain in exchange for the fees paid by the latter.

“So you could build Solana, which is 25 times faster than the current consensus algorithm and doesn’t crash all the time, make it a Cardano sidechain, and then Solana would pay holders ADA to maintain it. They don’t have to worry about security anymore, and then all these DApps move forward and get better reliability and security and become faster. »

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