What if Bitcoin became the first green crypto thanks to Elon Musk?

Last year Elon Musk invested $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin, pushing its price to over $ 50,000 per unit. Its investment was focused on empowerment buy Tesla cars through digital currency. However, the pollution caused by cryptocurrency mining has a big problem: how to allow the purchase of zero gas emissions cars at a currency whose mining is corrupt?

The boss of Tesla gave up his project but decided to solve the encryption problem by creating a cryptocurrency mine operating at Solar Energy. This project, which should materialize within the year, promises cryptocurrency speculators in the future 100% green mining space, enough to attract investors and speculators. Is there a chance that digital ecology can be opened up in the years to come? Will trading platforms become a green financial zone?

Towards an ecological cryptocurrency?

The American billionaire’s reflection on cryptocurrency, its future (no doubt replacing fiat currencies in the coming years), and the importance of creating the environmental impact of mining these currencies on the need. to combine ecology and digital economy. The two key actors for the future sustainability of our life systems.

Musk, owner of Solar City, an American photovoltaic panel producer, in partnership with Blockstream, a specialist in crypto mining and Block, another company specializing in digital, launched the creation of a cryptocurrency mine powered by a single solar power station. . This fully autonomous and off-grid power plant will have a storage capacity of 12 megawatts.

Ecology also involves financial markets

The ecological impact is not long lasting but a constant concern in all sectors of activity (catering, industry, education, politics, finance, etc.). Financial markets have understood this and have had green bonds for 5 years 300% jump.

Financial matters are moving more and more towards a ecological transition allowing green or sustainable finance to allow the current economic mode to slowly restructure and sustain financial markets over time. If fossil fuels are destined to one day disappear, this will have little effect on world stock markets unless the “green” markets have begun to replace those raw materials in their obligations.

Online trading and ecology, good game

Addressing the scale of the ecological phenomenon and the obligation of the financial markets to diversify and integrate ecological transition that will become the norm in the long run, the various parties to financial speculation and investment are now concerned about the this change was initiated by Musk. .

Traders who use the Avatrade UK trading site thus having the opportunity by investing in green bonds and speculating on cryptocurrency to start changing mentalities and participating in the transition towards a cleaner world, towards a green global economy.

Avatrade France trading platform

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The platform provides a demo account and trading copy for new traders to secure trading activities. All the green bands available on Avatrade France trading platform that allows you to invest in tomorrow’s finances.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

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