Wave of anger after Mozilla’s decision to accept Dogecoin!

Wave of anger after Mozilla's decision to accept Dogecoin!

Through a statement on social media, the Mozilla Foundation confirmed its involvement in the world of cryptocurrency memes. She indicated that she intended to accept donations of DOGE Coin users, but met with various comments from the public.

The new position of the organization

While not obsolete in the cryptocurrency world in the past, the Mozilla Foundation is looking to enter the industry. In this way, they raised the possibility of subscribing in cryptocurrencies linked to the memecoin.

Faced with galloping DOGE, the Mozilla Foundation has decided to open space on its platform for crypto. Representatives of the Foundation could then approve donations from the DOGE portfolio.

In this sense, they are in favor of the cryptocurrency meme, which has recorded significant gains over the past year. To that end, the organization has partnered with the world’s largest cryptocurrency payment processor, BitPay.

However, they clarified that donated funds would not be held in the same way as they were received. Instead, Mozilla’s new position is backed by an immediate shift from DOGE coins to dollars. This would be accomplished ”escape with the volatility in which the cryptocurrency is immersed.

User reaction

While this may seem like a step towards integration with cryptocurrencies, the public has generated various reactions. Although the foundation published its origin, some users disagreed with the idea.

Some comments on Mozilla’s new position and the impact of cryptocurrencies on power consumption have emerged. According to comments posted by Benzinga, critics have drawn attention to the environmental impact created by cryptocurrency mining.

In light of these elements, users of the Firefox browser threatened to stop using this initiative. In addressing this situation, it is worth noting the involvement of other browsers, such as Brave, for example, which have functions related to the world of crypto.

However, other browsers implement features such as digital wallets, without accepting the type of subscription indicated by the Mozilla Foundation.

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