Watchlist tips: current crypto recommendations by Oryen, Cardano, Avalanche and Kyber

Oryen Krypto

The crypto market is constantly changing and is regularly stimulated by new projects. Experienced, but also inexperienced crypto traders like to invest in new, innovative crypto currencies.

By investing in a crypto startup, investors not only contribute to the fundamental structure of the currency itself. The entire crypto market also benefits from innovative, solid projects. In this article we present some popular cryptocurrencies that should not be missing from any watch list right now.

Oryen Network (ORY)

The Oryen network is based on the Rebase protocol and the Binance smart chain. This should ensure a very good connection, which is also essential given the network’s goals. In the future, crypto trading by DeFi and promising investors should be simplified thanks to the token. Innovative automation technology is designed to ensure stable returns for coin holders.

The ORY stake comes with a buy-hold-earn feature. After purchasing and holding the token, underlying rewards are generated directly in the coin holder’s wallet. The rebase formula generates proportional amounts from the ORY network.

The rewards are then distributed every 60 minutes. According to the developers, staking is very easy for users to use.

Currently APY holders get 90% within a year just by owning the ORY coins. The cryptocurrencies provided are used not only for promised rewards but also for the overall development of the project.

However, trading the signals incurs fees. All transactions are subject to such trading fees, with very large sales there are even so-called anti-whaling taxes. These fees should create added value for users and make manipulations by wealthy whales more difficult.

The Oryen network is currently in the first phase of pre-sales. The tires are available at a discount. One token currently costs 0.075 USD. The next phase is to start in seven days. The project is currently being reviewed by a leading blockchain security company.

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Cardano (ADA)

Cardano logo

Cardano is a decentralized public proof of stake blockchain. The network was published by academics and engineers in 2017. Cardano is the first crypto project based on peer-reviewed research.

As a result, it provides users with a high level of security. The goal of the developers was to create through science, transparency, sustainability and safety. Both for individuals and cryptocurrency systems and controls.

The developers write on their website:

“The protocol is the culmination of a relentless effort, built on fundamental research and driven by a vision for a safer and more transparent global payments system and a redistributive, fair, power and control method.”

The network is to be developed continuously. Work is currently underway on a publicly accessible ledger. In addition, Cardano users should be able to help decide how the project may continue in the future.

Interestingly, the price of Cardano only made an initial jump three years after the release, climbing to $2.50. But the price crash also affected ADA at the start of the year. The price today is 0.37 US dollars.

Avalanches (AVAX)

Avalanche logo

The Avalanche Blockchain is also based on smart contract functionality. The network is an open source project that runs on the Proof of Stake process. Avalanche mainly focuses on DeFi applications, but is also involved in metaverse and crypto games.

Through its consensus protocol, the Avalanche network offers its users high scalability and fast transactions. The protocol is particularly known for its speed, which even surpasses Ethereum at the moment. The native AVAX token is used to pay the transaction fees. The coins can also be staked, which benefits the network, among other things.

Users transferring from another blockchain can transfer to Avalanche networks via a bridge protocol. The developers released the blockchain with the aim of bringing crypto trading companies closer.

AVAX reached an all-time high of $114 late last year. Here, too, the bear market caused some losses. However, the price has remained stable in recent months. The price of AVAX today is $16.38.

Cyber ​​Network (KNC)

Cyber ​​logo

Kyber’s decentralized network is based on Ethereum and is considered a liquidity hub. The project aims to enable smooth and cost-effective DeFi trading. Users should be paid the highest possible income across different fee levels. Users with a KNC token can participate in governance surveys.

The polls involve decisions that affect the entire network. Users can also buy, exchange and stake their tokens on the platform. The developers describe their project as the most efficient and cheapest in DeFi trading.

“Kyber technology combines the deepest crypto liquidity from multiple sources to provide the best interest rates and maximize returns for everyone. Exchange tokens, earn returns and build the best DeFi applications with Kyber.”

Over $25 billion has been validated to date. The network is also connected to over 70 applications. The project stands out because of its efficiency in transactions. It is also the first application where users can bypass a third-party service like a centralized exchange.

The user-friendliness of the application should ensure that even novices can use it easily. In the future, it should be possible to integrate it into apps as well. The KNC course has had to experience very volatile movements in the last few months. Before the bear market reached, the level was $5.20. Since the summer, however, it seems to be recovering from the price crash. The current value is 0.95 USD.

Tips for the crypto watchlist: conclusion

Currently, the crypto market offers several interesting projects. It might be worth keeping an eye on these. Every cryptocurrency comes with an innovative idea and/or a very good implementation. As a result, each of these cryptocurrencies may have the potential to increase in value over the next few years.

Before investing, cryptocurrencies should be observed over a longer period of time. The amount that traders invest should only be chosen so high that an overall loss could be sustained. This way you can use your own crypto watchlist wisely to be able to take action at the right time.

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