Vitalik Buterin reveals a new phase of the Ethereum roadmap: The Scourge

Vitalik Buterin dévoile une nouvelle étape de la roadmap d’Ethereum : The Scourge

After The Merge, the long-awaited merger that happened last September, today we find the next phase of the Ethereum project. Vitalik Buterin revealed that The data sheet Secfromurgent, the next step of the Ethereum road map. Let’s see together what is there.

The Ethereum roadmap follows

The Merger lays the foundation for a solid long-term project. Thanks to a major change in consensus, the Ethereum blockchain is now 99% less energy consumption.

So, after the proof-of-work transition to a proof-of-stake system, Ethereum moved to a second phase called The Sea. This step consists of reaching a maximum number 100,000 transactions per second thanks to rollups.

Then the third step was announced 2 days ago. The Barn. We will describe it in more detail below.

After this step, it will The Corr which will mark the arrival of the Verkle Trees. These lead to better decentralization as well as more efficient scalability.

The final phase of the project: The Purge. This phase will focus on optimizing Ethereum blockchain history storage.

And finally, called the last step The Splurge will focus on all remaining optimizations. At this point it should be minor corrections such as account abstraction or proof of zero knowledge.

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The Scourge, the third stage of the roadmap

The new phase of the Ethereum Blockchain is called The Scourge. Vitalik Buterin announced it in a tweet on November 5 in a technical sheet divided into 6 parts.

Now, on the third stage of the Ethereum project. This is primarily aimed at improving the decentralization of the blockchain network. Also, the goal is toincreasing resistance to censorship for Ethereum.

Technically, it will consist of “guarantee the inclusion of trusted transactions and neutral credibility, and avoid centralization and other protocol risks associated with the VME” according to the Ethereum roadmap.

Vitalik Buterin therefore wishes “neutral credibility” and miners often use the Ethereum blockchain to profit from it. The co-founder of digital assets described this term as “a mechanism that does not discriminate for or against particular people“.

A miner’s extractable value (MEV) occurs when a miner gets ahead of other participants in the network to decide which transactions should be placed in a block and in what order. This allows miners to duplicate all winning trades in the memory pool and execute their trades in front of regulators or anyone who wants to make a profit.

The Ethereum is constantly evolving

Today, Ethereum is associated with a a higher level of centralization and censorship sequel to The Merge. The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which regulates the cryptocurrency industry, reported a compliant block figure of 73% on November 3. According to the organization, this figure is far too high.

The creator of The Daily Gwei, Anthony Sassano, said on Twitter: ” censorship resistance is more important than scale right now.

Although all the details about the third step have not been revealed, Vitalik Buterin has a solution. In fact, he proposed a “partial auction of blocks.” Therefore, the block creator is granted only part of the block’s content.

The Ethereum co-founder also spoke about an update to The Verge. This will now involve Succit’s Non-Interactive Information Argument (SNARK) technology on Ethereum. This technology will increase privacy security as well as allow traceability of anonymous transactions.

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