Vasil’s update on the Cardano blockchain is coming on September 22nd!

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Cardano crypto investors and supporters are waiting for it! What about it? Blockchain developers are working hard to implement Vasil’s hard fork. Postponed several times, Vasil would be on the way this time! Find out the new implementation date of Vasil’s hard fork. You will also understand in this article why this update is really important for Cardano and its blockchain.

What is the hard fork Vasil?

Aim for the hard fork Vasil improving the performance of the Cardano blockchain. Basically, Vasil will enable faster and more efficient transaction processing.

For this, Vasil’s update plays on two main parameters. First, the hard fork Vasil embeds the technique “diffusion channel” (in English “diffusion pipeling”). In concrete terms, this means faster dissemination of transaction information to network nodes.

The second important lever of Vasil is related to the smart contracts engine. Smart contracts are computer programs that enable the execution of applications. When the conditions provided for in the contract are met, the application runs. This is why these contracts are said to be… “smart”. Vasil’s update develops precisely the language used to program these smart contracts. So this language called Plutus will transform into version 2.0. This development will facilitate the work of developers.

More macroscopically, Vasil’s update plays a key role in continuing Cardano’s roadmap. As explained in a previous article, the cardano roadmap There are 5 important steps. Currently, we are at stage 3 called Gogoun. This step basically aims to develop smart contracts on Cardano. With the Vasil update it will be possible to complete this phase and change to the so-called phase 4 Basho. The latter aims to improve the scalability (number of transactions per second) of the Cardano network.

Vasil’s hard fork has been postponed several times

Do we have to wait a long time before we see the implementation of Vasil? This question is in all the heads of Cardano investors. Indeed, this update is much talked about but highly anticipated. For good reason, Vasil was postponed several times due to bugs and technical difficulties. In theory, it was supposed to hit mainnet in July 2022…

Last week, the developers of Cardano (IOHK) gave more visibility. In particular, they explained that the arrival of the hard fork depended mainly on the three criteria from here out:

  • Criterion 1: 75% of the blocks on the mainnet produced by nodes running the latest version of the development code: 1.35.3 (1.35.2 abandoned after discovery fragility defects);
  • Criteria 2 : 25 exchanges (representing 80% of cash) evolve their Cardano nodes by adopting version 1.35.3 ;
  • Criteria 3 : with them 10 App most important upgrade and working with 1.35.3 nodes.

The evolution of these indicators was considered favorable. So much so that Cardano developers declared in mid-August that Vasil’s hard fork was “closer than ever”. Yes, but when exactly? We now know…

Vasil hard fork scheduled for September 22!

The developers didn’t know that well to say. Two weeks later, they’ve even just promoted a date on Twitter! I message dated September 2, 2022, they say that Vasil’s upgrade will come… September 22, 2022 !

“Vasil’s upgrade: Date confirmed. (…) After successfully completed work & extensive testing of all core components, as well as a ready community, we can announce today September 22 as the implementation date for the Vasil upgrade on the Cardano mainnet. » Tweet by IOHK

In subsequent messages, the developers remind that they always carefully monitor the three indicators mentioned above. They believe these will be achieved by 22 September.

The arrival of Vasil will certainly affect the price of the Crypto Cardano (ADA). In the opinion of even its developers, Vasil is “the most important upgrade” so far on the Cardano blockchain.

Currently, the price of the ADA crypto is close to €0.5. Over the past 7 days, the price of ADA coin has increased by 8.5%, making it the Best performance in the world top 10 free,. As a reminder, the Cardano crypto is in 7th place with a capitalization that exceeds 17 billion euros.

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