Use the method to increase Bitcoin x5 even when the price is falling

Use the method to increase Bitcoin x5 even when the price is falling

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If you want to keep your bitcoin but don’t want it to sit around until the market recovers, there are a few ways you can still make a crypto profit in a bear market.

One of the safest, easiest and most profitable ways to earn income from your BTC and ETH even in a crypto bear market is to open an interest wallet.


It is the fastest growing wallet on the market right now ArbiSmarta recently launched wallet and financial center that is doing great with its crash services and industry high rates.

Passive gains even in an accident

A few BitcoinsThe one from the EU approved The ArbiSmart wallet powered by the RBIS token offers a choice of 25 FIAT and cryptocurrencies and generates unmatched interest rates that reach up to 147% per year, regardless of the direction in which the markets are trending.

Wallet holders earn interest by investing their bitcoin, euro or other preferred currency in fixed deposit savings plans for periods of 1 month, 3 months, 2, 3 or 5 years. The plan’s daily interest can be transferred to an available balance or added to the fixed deposit account, where it generates a higher interest rate.

Interest rates are based on the wallet holder’s account status, which is determined by how much RBIS they have. In other words, the more RBIS one has, the higher the interest rate on a savings balance in bitcoin, ether, USD, or any other currency.

Another incentive to buy RBIS is that savings balances in the native token bring in three times what is earned on balances in any other supported currency. However, users who do not wish to convert their capital into RBIS can keep their savings in their chosen currency and still improve their profits by choosing to receive their daily interest in RBIS.

In addition to the wallet, ArbiSmart users can use the automated crypto arbitrage system of the project, the perfect protection against falling prices, earn up to 45% per year in passive profits. Crypto arbitrage generates profits from temporary price discrepancies between exchanges, which regularly occur in both bull and bear markets.

The user’s only task is to deposit funds, which will be converted to the native RBIS token and used for crypto arbitrage. The system is connected to 35 exchanges, which it scans 24/7 for price differences on hundreds of coins. It then uses the invested funds to buy a coin at its lowest price before automatically selling it at its highest price to make a profit.

Increase your income with additional utilities

ArbiSmart new application areasIn the next 4 months, ArbiSmart will release several new utilities. Services planned for the second half of Q3 and Q4 include a mobile application for buying, storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies; decentralized yield farming service with unprecedented gamification capabilities, the liquidity provider with up to 190,000% APR plus 0.3% of fees from each trade; an NFT marketplace where visitors can buy and sell non-tradable tokens; a virtual gallery containing thousands of unique digital artworks; cryptocurrency exchange and game metro with earnings where players can buy, sell and develop virtual property.

All of these new RBIS utilities added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem will be interconnected. This means that using one service ensures that another service is better. For example, NFT ArbiSmart acts as an investment and provides a point boost to a return maker that increases their annual profit.

Grow your wealth with capital gains

Any of these upcoming utilities will require the use of RBIS. This will increase the demand for the signal and will greatly affect the supply of the signals. Meanwhile, the ArbiSmart wallet encourages the use of RBIS by offering higher interest rates than RBIS. Since launching the wallet earlier this quarter, it has already built a large user base that is growing every day. As more RBIS is locked in savings accounts for long periods and leaves general circulation, the supply will decrease. There is a limit to the amount of RBIS that can be created and when the demand for tokens exceeds the available supply, the price is expected to rise.

Arbismart BitcoinTherefore, in addition to gains from NFT investment, gaming, crypto arbitrage trading, liquidity mining and account interest, RBIS holders will also benefit from significant capital gains from the rising token value. Analyst Forecasts According to them, by the end of 2022, the value of the RBIS token will increase to the 70 times the current price increase and continue the steady upward trend until Q1 2023.

All of this could be profitable for ArbiSmart (RBIS) and offers a variety of income opportunities. If you want to profit on your Bitcoin or Euro before the RBIS price explodes, open a wallet now!

Last updated September 15, 2022

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