Towards an 825% rally for Solana (SOL)?

Towards an 825% rally for Solana (SOL)?

InvestAnswers (444,000 subscribers) is a YouTube channel that talks about finance, and especially crypto. Recently, a video about the cryptocurrency Solana (SOL) was posted on the channel. In the video, the channel manager explained what Solana’s rapid adoption could lead to. Check out what he said about the future price of SOL.

Solana (SOL) could reach $259.65

The crypto analyst responsible for the InvestAnswers chain recently predicted, in a video, an 825% rally for Solana (SOL). He said that Ethereum’s main competitor could regain its historical peak $259.65. According to the analyst, Solana’s smart contract platform is taking off fast, and this could send the SOL token back to its all-time high.

The analyst’s explanation

In my opinion, since Solana trades at less than 1/16 the market cap of Ethereum, but also widely accepted and many transactions, it is a glaring value, and I really believe that it will at least go up to 20% of the ETH market. cap in the near future“said the head of InvestAnswers.

However, for the crypto analyst, yes some conditions to be met to Solana (SOL) to return to an all-time high of over $260. In fact, the crypto team would have to make sure the platform gets out of beta. It is also necessary that there are no more outages and that all Solana network problems are resolved.

Soon the end of the mark market?

Crypto analyst InvestAnswers has indicated that the crypto market will come back. According to him, Bitcoin (BTC) will be the first crypto to rebound. Then it will be ether (ETH) turn. When these two cryptos continue to rise, “money will be transferred from runners to those who have not yet run“.

The cryptanalyst pointed out: “It will be Solana, which could go very high and have a yield of 825%. So basically you only make 3x more money investing in Solana than with Ethereum, but it’s riskier. And that’s where we are“.

According to InvestAnswers, if the Solana team works to fix all network issues, adoption will continue. Then the Solana (SOL) crypto will be able to recover its historical high level of $259.65 more easily. In the meantime, know that the SOL is currently trading around $30.

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