Top Cryptos May Explode After Bitcoin Crash

bitcoin crash

It’s done now! Bitcoin is going through a severe crash of its value and has just dropped below 20,000 dollars. This does not mean that the crypto world as a whole is suffering. Fortunately, there are still solid projects that can explode in value. If Bitcoin is in such a bad shape, it is because of various factors which we explain to you very well in this article.

The crypto universe is very large and certain concepts are on the rise. At the top of the list, metaverse projects, Play to Earn and NFTs are all the rage among investors. These areas are in full swing and we have flooded them with concepts, each one more original than the next. On the other hand, other popular stablecoins are reinventing themselves and delivering must-have innovations for the future. Discover now our top 6 cryptos from the moment.

1. Tamadoge: the best NFT crypto of 2022

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Time passes and it looks like Tamadoge will enjoy the first step of the podium. Since his launch, nothing seems to divert him from his purpose, which is the arrival of the metaverse. Tamadoge seduces with a simple and clear recipe. The team is betting on a retro concept inspired by Tamagotchis and combining it with current crypto technologies. On the menu, collecting NFTs, arena fights and a thriving economic system. Currently, you can get 40 TAMA tokens for 1 USDT. But you will have to hurry, because nearly $12.9 million was raised and the next level is about to be reached.

Tama cryptos

If Tamadoge is so popular, it is above all for the exceptional community that he was able to generate throughout. Today, investors are scrambling to try and get the precious TAMA token on pre-sale.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

2. Lucky Block: star NFT project with exceptional rewards

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Lucky Block never ceases to amaze despite a relatively old release compared to crypto like Tamadoge. If it is so famous, it is above all thanks to an active team that is involved in the satisfaction of its community. Lucky Block stands out with its NFT collection system that gives players access to unique events.

What is surprising is the quality of the prizes on offer developers. With Lucky Block, you can win a Lamborghini or even a house worth 1 million dollars in Bitcoin at any time according to a random draw!

lblocks crypto

LBLOCK V1 price evolution in the last 7 days – Source: CoinMarketCap

To participate, it’s very simple, you just need to have an NFT that will give you access to this kind of draw. If you are not very excited, you can always invest in the game token called โ€œLBLOCKโ€! To invest, click here.

3. Battle Infinity: the future fantasy sports blockbuster?

Infinity battle IBAT cryptos

Battle Infinity lost some spots due to a slowdown in its marketing campaign and the slowdown in the project. It must be said that the first pre-sale will be completed in twenty days. Battle Infinity wants to be one of the most ambitious games for this year 2022. It is inspired by Axie Infinity which has seen its value multiply by 160 compared to its pre-sale in the space of a year.

Battle Infinity is interesting because of its impressive economic system as well as a fun and well-thought-out project. With Battle Infinity, you can collect NFTs of famous sports players and play arena games with them! It introduces a metaverse dimension that will allow players to roam around in a vast environment and interact with players from all over the world! Because of the target market, we can expect the value of the IBAT token to increase during the year 2022 and 2023! If Battle Infinity appeals to you, buy IBAT tokens on PancakeSwap here.

4. DeFi Coin: a safe bet for decentralized exchanges

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DeFi is cryptography for decentralized finance optimists. DeFi Coin stands out for its decentralized exchange system exceptional. It is one of the most interesting projects to invest in during times of crisis like the one Bitcoin is experiencing. The DeFi Dex Exchange allows anyone to trade without holding the parties accountable. To use DeFi, you don’t need anything, not even KYC-like identity verification.

DeFi Coin is currently trading at very low prices. It is therefore a good opportunity to invest if you believe in this project. Note that you can also farm from DEFC token to earn passive income.

5. Ethereum 2.0: The Merge reintroduces it to the crypto race!


And yes! Ethereum, the second largest crypto in the market, does not have the last say. Although the decline of Bitcoin is affected, the signal ETH still seems to have a bright future with the arrival of The Merge. This project aims to make crypto much more competitive in the markets. The Merger means almost zero transaction costs and 99% less energy consumption. In question, the transition from the Proof of Work system to the Proof of Pledge system. Therefore, the system no longer needs machines to solve complex calculations to validate transactions. Instead, validators do the work! The Merge is scheduled for September 13/15 after Bellatrix’s big hit, get ready! Vitalik user celebrations in this regard were also being retweeted.

The value of Ethereum is likely to increase in the coming months. Its concept is still very interesting with the realization of smart contracts on the blockchain. With such a boom, we can expect investors to be there, and this is already the case!

6. BNB: one of the most traded cryptos on the market


BNB is the blockchain associated with Binance. It is one of the biggest cryptos on the market with a huge trade volume. What makes BNB strong is its Binance Smart Chain, which allows many projects to evolve. This is also the case of Battle Infinity which has its sign affiliated with the BSC. But the IBAT is not the only signal to use it, the BSC supports thousands of signals that use their technology to run their system.

Looking at how useful BNB is in the crypto world, one can only predict an increase in its value for years to come. At the moment, the crypto is trading at a relatively low price and there is a lot of room for improvement! Even if BNB is unlikely to explode like Tamadoge cryptos or Lucky Block can, it still deserves its place in this ranking!

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

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