Thousands of crypto owners are exchanging Bitcoin & Shiba for this coin

Thousands of crypto owners are exchanging Bitcoin & Shiba for this coin

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While Bitcoin is still hovering below $20,000 and other major cryptocurrencies continue to suffer from the ongoing bear market, several coins are seeing unprecedented growth.

One such coin is RBIS, the token that powers the ArbiSmart wallets, which increased over 500% in September and is still climbing.
The EU licensed and registered ArbiSmart registered interest wallet is rapidly gaining momentum as crypto owners seek a safe home for their capital where they can earn a consistent return in all market conditions.


Optimizing interest rates

A wallet owner’s capital can be stored in an interest-free balance, but can be withdrawn at any time. Or it can be locked into a savings account to get an interest rate of up to 147% per annum.

Optimizing interest rates

Savings plans can be opened in 25 FIAT and supported cryptocurrencies, from established coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Shiba Inu to major traditional currencies such as Euro, Sterling and USD.
Funds can be locked in a plan for different periods from 1 month or 3 months to 2 years, 3 years or 5 years, and the longer the savings are locked, the higher the interest rate.

Interest rates depend on your account balance, which is based on your RBIS amount. To earn interest on your BTC, EUR or any other selected currency, you must have at least 1,000 RBIS, which puts you in Basic 1 account status.

The next level after the beginner account is the advanced account, followed by the expert account and finally the elite account. At any time, a wallet holder can buy more RBIS, increase the status of his account and earn a higher percentage on his chosen currency, benefiting from compounding at the highest levels.

Whether your balance is in USDT, USD or another currency, your wallet interest rate will be more than 100 times the interest rate you would earn if you put your funds in a traditional bank account. However, if you decide to open a savings plan in RBIS, your annual percentage return will be much greater than with balances in any other currency.

Set a plan

After completing a short registration form, the next step is to purchase at least 1,000 RBIS. It can be purchased with a few clicks directly from the RBIS admin page on the dashboard.

Set a plan

Then go to the Interest Earnings page. Set the currency and time frame for your savings plan and decide how you want to receive the daily interest. They can be transferred to an Available Balance from which they can be withdrawn at any time. They can be added to the blocked savings balance for a higher interest rate. Or, for even greater returns, it can be preserved in RBIS and locked in for the life of the plan.

In the last step, choose a deposit amount, click “Confirm” and you are ready to start making passive profits on a daily basis.

minimize the risk

The reason ArbiSmart is able to generate such high returns in both bull and bear markets is because the funds held in the wallet are used to perform crypto arbitrage, a zero-risk automated investment strategy.

minimize risk

Arbitrage generates profits from temporary situations where a coin is available on more than one exchange at different prices. These price discrepancies are as common in downturns as they are in downturns and have common causes such as differences in trading volume between larger and smaller exchanges.

ArbiSmart is integrated with nearly 40 exchanges, where it tracks coin prices 24/7 and looks for temporary discrepancies. The algorithm, which can perform hundreds of transactions simultaneously, detects a price difference and then buys the coin at the lowest price offered before immediately selling it at the highest price offered to make a profit.

Rising demand

Recent analyst forecasts predict that the current value of RBIS will increase by 25 times by the end of 2022.

One of the main reasons for this is that the number of wallet users is increasing rapidly with the ongoing market and more people are choosing to keep their funds safe in exchange for reliable, predictable and predictable passive profits. As RBIS requires ownership to earn interest on savings plans, this has led to a steady increase in demand for tokens.

As more RBIS is withdrawn from general circulation and invested in closed savings accounts, the limited supply will decrease.
Demand for RBIS is likely to continue to outstrip supply in the coming months as new ArbiSmart services are launched, all of which require the use of RBIS to generate profits.

This quarter and next, new ArbiSmart services will include:

  • A mobile app to buy, store and exchange cryptocurrencies
  • A virtual marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • ArbiSmart NFT exclusive collection
  • A DeFi protocol that offers yield farming with unprecedented gaming features
  • Professional cryptocurrency exchange
  • Play-to-earn metadata that uses RBIS as the game’s currency

The proposed services also include a virtual marketplace for buying and selling non-mergible tokens (NFTs).

New emerging utilities will require the use of RBIS, which will increase the use of tokens as the ecosystem expands. Another factor driving demand for tokens is that RBIS owners get better terms, such as reduced transaction costs on the ArbiSmart exchange when the fee is paid in RBIS.

Demand will be further pushed through the integration of services in the ArbiSmart ecosystem. For example, NFT ArbiSmart could increase a farmer’s score in the DeFi protocol or in the Metaverse.

With the launch of these new services, RBIS owners will be able to generate income from savings plans, gaming, trading, NFT investment and yield farming, as well as capital gains from the increase in token value.

ArbiSmart is running promotions for 72 hours from the publication of this article. register, open a wallet and get 1,000 points which will raise you to Level 1 beginner account status. This means you are entitled to earn interest without buying RBIS.

sign up, open a wallet and get 1,000 points, which will elevate you to Level 1 beginner account status.

Last updated on October 24, 2022

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