This Viral AI Memecoin’s Presale Is Almost Completed At $8.5 Million – The Next Dogecoin?

AiDoge AI Meme Coin

The AI ​​AiDoge meme coin presale has now passed the 8.5 million US dollar mark and is almost sold out. Is the next Dogecoin developing here? Phase 12 of the pre-sale has now successfully ended. If you haven’t gotten up yet, you should hurry before the train leaves completely.

Experts also refer to AiDoge as ChatGPT of the crypto world. This is also because AiDoge uses the same AI technologies as the well-known ChatGPT chatbot.

The base meme is new anything by ARBdoge to do, but it is an independent project.

In a market dominated by meme coins with no usability like Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Pepe (PEPE). AiDoge is very popularsince the advantage of a meme coin is combined with the possibilities of a utility token.

During the 12 pre-sale period The price was gradually raised to the DEX and CEX listing price of $0.0000336 per token, which means that investors who got in early can wait for the coin to enter the market. 18% back generation.

If you get in quickly, you can still get some returns Step 20 and price $0.00003360 generation.

Meme coins have been successful for years – will AiDoge be the new Dogecoin?

Meme coins have been very successful for many years because they not only deal with investing in cryptocurrencies, but also spread good music and create a community that creates and benefits from memes together.

AiDoge can be one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in 2023 and continues to rise in price.

AiDoge is built on the Ethereum blockchain and leverages Ethereum smart contracts. Therefore ERC 20 coin takes advantage of Ethereum’s possibilities and seriousness.

At the same time, coins like AiDoge benefit from the rising prices of Ethereum and Bitcoin, in this case especially from Ethereum.

AiDoge’s next steps are already underway

AiDoge is in the step 13 of encrypted presales and therefore costs $0.00003080 per token. Out Step 14 the price is increased to $0.00003120 at.

As part of the pre-sale 500,000,000 tokens to spend, with a Total value $14,900,000. The IS The price of Step 20 is already $0.0000336.

It is therefore worth investing in the base early to take advantage of the price increases. The official listing should take place in the third quarter of 2023.

The AIDoge team is made up of experienced professionals from a range of fields including AI, blockchain and marketing. The team is already supported by a group of consultants some successful pre-sales did.

The IS The total amount of claims becomes 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) and the initial stock price will be $0.00003360, which is a Market cap shipping $29,800,000 results.

The pre-sale of the AI ​​Memecoin project is a hard cap of $14.9 million. It could therefore only be about two weeks until the Completely sold out in advance yes.

That would mean that AiDoge its Presale would be closed in a month!

Memes offer a great return opportunity and AI memes anyway

AiDoge is involved down AI generated memes with high quality. In this way, the project uses the hype of meme coins, which was originally fueled by Dogecoin. New cryptocurrencies in this space must always measure up to Dogecoin and AiDoge has a chance to compete with Dogecoin to be able to

Creating memes with AiDoge is extremely easy. Users enter text and the platform creates the meme based on AI. It is fast and delivers high quality memes.

Meme creators can share it on the platform. Other users rate the meme. Payment is made with the token $aiwhich also supports staking.

In addition to rising prices, AiDoge offers many rewards and numerous opportunities to generate returns. Many experts are sure of this too.

Meme to Earn (M2E) by AiDoge

On the scene, the best memes every month and receive a reward in the form of $Ai. The AiDoge platform offers a public notice board. This is a dynamic area within AiDoge where users can view and share AI-generated memes.

The program is pin Filtering and sorting optionswhich allows users to browse memes based on criteria such as popularity, popularity, or specific topics.

So it is worth creating memes on the platform, because these can be used not only for fun, but also for earn money.

AiDoge’s prognosis is therefore particularly positive. AiDoge is one of the various crypto news websites and experts This year’s hottest pre-sales a.

Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.


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