This Presale Crypto is Expected to Rise 400% at $0.022 in 2022, Similar to Dogecoin and Shiba-Inu

Cette crypto en prévente à 0.022 $ devrait connaître une hausse de 400 % en 2022, comme Dogecoin et Shiba-Inu

If there is a project that has a lot of investments, it is Tamadoge. This cryptocurrency stood out for its fun concept, but above all for the guarantees it provides. In addition to its quirky retro aspect, the team in charge has really created a craze around the memecoin. As we write, $9.3 million was raised for the project.

Tamadoge is attracting investors in droves and the funds keep pouring in. If this Play to Earn meta game is so successful, serious projects are rarely viable at the moment. The recent scandal with DogeChain shows us that scams are still legion in the crypto world and there is more than a need to reassure users. To help you better understand the nature of TAMA, we will tell you all about it in this article!

What is Tamadoge?


Tamadoge is a retro little game inspired by Tamagotchis in its gameplay. The principle is simple, you need to collect NFT monsters that can be used in combat arenas. Tamadoge is a game called “Play to Earn”, meaning that players get rewarded while playing.

All these rewards will be valued in TAMA token, which is the in-game currency. Investors are buying these signals right now, expecting these to increase in value in the coming months. And Tamadoge seems set for that!

Tamadoge differentiates itself from memecoins Shiba and Dogecoin

Tamadoge is hailed by many as the successor to SHIBA and DOGE. It is true that the parallel is relatively easy, but there are still significant differences with these other altcoins. Tamadoge supports a whole other project that fills in the gaps in these other cryptos.

Because it just gives us a fun concept. The purpose is to create the Tamaverse, an environment that will welcome players from all over the world. Tamadoge can be played anywhere from a computer or from your smartphone. Like Pokémon GO, the game will accompany you on the street where you can fight and trade with other players.

Why invest in Tamadoge?

Investing in this kind of thing is not necessarily an obvious sign when you see all the projects that come up every day. Wading through this flood of suggestions is not an easy task. We explain to you why, in our opinion, Tamadoge has a very large potential for growth. Currently, the cryptocurrency can be bought for $0.022. But their price is likely to increase in the following days.

pre-sale tamadoge

$9.3M raised for Tamadoge in the presale this August 30, 2022

The economic system of Tamadoge is studied in detail

By studying the project in a little more detail, you will notice some important aspects. Most of these disclosures relate to the manner in which the exchanges will be conducted. TAMA has a deflation system that allows its token to not increase in value too much.

During exchanges, a 5% transaction fee will be applied. But that’s not all, 30% of this value will also go into Tamadoge’s marketing budget to promote it. With this system, the token is guaranteed not to reproduce the same error as the SHIBA token which has an astronomical amount of tokens on the market today.

tamadog system

Tamadoge aims to be a community metaverse game

Shiba and Dogecoin have the disadvantage of being primarily speculative currencies. Tamadoge really wants to create a strong community around a dynamic game and fun. This will include, among other things, the acquisition of NFTs bearing the image of the revisited Tamagotchis monsters. This already makes a big difference. By obtaining NFT the user can join a closed community that progresses towards the same goal, the success of Tamadoge.

At the end, Tamadoge embeds a metaverse universe where players can meet. There is no doubt that the TAMA team will be able to organize many events on its platform in the future, which will further strengthen community ties. We have also seen the enthusiasm that this type of project can create with the DogeCoin crypto.

The mission of the DogeChain project was to give DogeCoin the possibility to develop its own NFT and DeFI environment. DogeChain will generate a lot of excitement with a pre-sale closing in a few days. However, be careful! DogeChain is a scam that we recommend not to invest in. To find out more, see our article on the case.

To conclude this presentation, TAMA seems to be on track to be the best altcoin of this year. The project gives investors peace of mind and the team in charge provides all the elements to legitimize the crypto. Their collaboration with the company CoinSniper which is responsible for taking care of the KYC of the users is one of the features that gives great credibility to the project.

Our 3-year Tamadoge price forecast

To help you better inform yourself on your potential investment, we will tell you everything about the price of the TAMA token in the coming years. If we look at the history of TAMA, this one seems to be on a very good slope. Almost 1 billion tokens have been allocated for pre-sale, or 50% of the tokens available. To generate more value, Tamadoge uses a system that increases the price of its tokens with each level reached.

Every 100 million securities purchased, the price rises. This simple mechanism allows the token to increase in value until it reaches $0.03. Knowing this, it seems like a good strategy to invest as soon as possible in TAMA to take advantage of this huge leverage.

Price forecast for TAMA in 2022

To fully understand how the state of the signal will change, it is necessary to take into account factors that are likely to have a significant impact on its price curve:

  • Community enthusiasm : TAMA has exceptional enthusiasm for its project. The demand for its pre-sale only increased in the last few days. Tamadoge communication channels are getting thousands of subscribers every day. The community is probably the most powerful lever for a token, and TAMA is building a strong foundation for the future.
  • Exit the Tamaverse and the Pet shop : the presale alone will push the token up to a value of $0.03. We can expect an explosion in value when the Tamaverse comes to life with all the associated features. The arrival of the Tamaverse will encourage exchanges between players and bring with them even stronger demand. So we can expect a boom in the value of the project, for Q4 of 2022!

These two levers will certainly give TAMA a a value between $0.03 for the most pessimistic person and $0.06 for the most optimistic person. Some predictions even evaluate TAMA over $0.1 as of the end of 2022, which is a 400% increase in the token!

Price forecast for TAMA in 2023

The year 2023 could be very positive for Tamadoge. The project will have time to mature and the team in charge is planning to move into the second gear. Here’s what Tamadoge has planned for 2023:

  • Mass marketing address : during Q1 and Q2 2023, the roadmap intends to multiply marketing campaigns and partnerships with other structures. We can then assume that TAMA will be associated with other meta structures, which will make it possible to mix the communities. With this kind of activity, Tamadoge will be able to reach a very large audience.
  • Subscribe to popular platforms : the team wants to increase even more by getting lists on platforms with several million users. There will be no taxes on the transactions and the team keeps almost 400 million tokens for their liquidity fund.
  • Tamadoge Play to Earn release: it is at the end of 2023 that the Tamaverse will be completed with the arrival of the mobile game in augmented reality. So Tamadoge will give itself the consolation of reaching a great market of 2 billion mobile players.

Even if the forecasts start to be difficult over such a long period, we can expect that Tamadoge will reach a value of $0.10 per TAMA token.

Price projection for TAMA in the next few years

If we compare TAMA with other high potential projects like Axie Infinity, this one has a lot of potential for its future value. If we take the case of Axie Infinity, the latter was released in 2018 and peaked at 2.7 million players in 2021. During the day, its market cap was $9 billion. A An equivalent position for Tamadoge would bring the signal to $4.5. With more measured figures, we can expect a market cap of 1.2 billion dollars and that TAMA would give $0.60 per tokengain increased by 30 compared to the closing price of the pre-sale. If the market looks very unfavorable, we can still expect a price of $0.15 per token.

Did this presentation convince you? There is still time to invest in TAMA! Go to their official page by clicking on the Buy button.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

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