This is how the Lightning network supports Bitcoin in P2E casual gaming: Can Tamadoge also benefit from Ethereum?

This is how the Lightning network supports Bitcoin in P2E casual gaming: Can Tamadoge also benefit from Ethereum?

Zebedee and Thndr Games, two large gaming companies, operate small mini-games at the center of the Bitcoin blockchain on the Lightning network. A new scaling solution for the BTC chain has been successfully established here. Ethereum also has such possibilities and the new cryptocurrency Tamadoge has spread here. Can conclusions be drawn from this regarding a positive development on the TAMA course?

Here’s how crypto projects benefit from Lightning

Lightning was created in 2015 for better and faster scalability, a year later implementations were developed that created the network on the Bitcoin blockchain. Thndr CEOs plan to “change gaming with the power of BTC.” Collaboration with the most successful base should therefore be promised. But the mutual work, Bitcoin also benefit from the games. Play to earn games are not yet widespread in the crypto world, but they are popular especially because more and more projects are trying to integrate them into their world.

By playing games on the Bitcoin blockchain, users can earn small fractions of BTC while playing. Ben Cousens, Zebedee’s Chief Strategy Officer, knows how popular P2E games are these days:

“This really solves the need for games.”

In addition to the current games, the company plans to integrate other popular games such as Counterstrike or PacmanName into the network. Casual players could be introduced to Bitcoin this way. It is now the mission of the developers to create “an excellent game that has BTC in it”.

More games, more bitcoin users

To date, 1.5 million rewards have been distributed through the Lightning Network and the demand for the games continues to grow. Women in particular could be a big audience for the games soon and therefore it could also be for Bitcoin. Desiree Dickerson, CEO and co-founder of Thndr Games, has some figures for this:

“60% of all women in the world play games, and 60% of those women play mobile games every day.”

Also, an interesting fact: About 60% of the players who play Thndr games are from the south, where bitcoin companies are very popular. The coin is particularly popular in the Philippines and Brazil. The combination of a successful cryptocurrency and gambling could soon turn out to be a very profitable project that will attract more Bitcoin buyers.

This could mean the Ethereum Merge for Tamadoge

Axie Infinity, Tamadoge and Battle Infinity are still young projects where the developers are fully committed to the popularity of crypto games. All these coins are still small in relation to Bitcoin, but they are already very popular. However, they mostly rely on BTC’s competitor: Ethereum.

Ethereum had not even recovered from the collapse earlier this year. However, work had to continue on the important merger that should make ETH more sustainable and stable. The upgrade was postponed several times, also due to the years of work that preceded the changes. On September 15, the second largest cryptocurrency changed to the proof-of-stake process.

The proof-of-work process used so far has been the subject of much criticism due to its high power consumption. Now ETH has taken the big step towards sustainability and reduced the electricity costs incurred during mining by 99.95%.

Here’s how the change is affecting the price right now

At the time the merger was announced, ETH was around $1,700, and today $1,325. In the last seven days, the price has lost a total of 28%. Predictions and opinions about the merger and its effects vary widely. Some market observers believe that it could be a major opportunity for the coin to even overtake Bitcoin. Others see Ethereum collapsing completely as a result of the switch.

The Ethereum course is not showing any positive developments at the moment, which is why more and more investors may jump out. But where there are losers, there are also winners. And as Bitcoin Lightning showed, the next big profit could be lurking in a sidechain. Savvy investors may soon come across Tamadoge.

A few days after the completion of the Ethereum merger, Tamadoge completed its presale, which was extremely dynamic and successful. USD 19.5 million worth of tokens were sold in just under two months. So the coin could be released at the right time.

Tamadoge potential thanks to meme factor plus a healthy ecosystem

According to market observers, the hype, whether the ETH merger was triggered or not, is definitely for TAMA coins. The metaverse revolves around the sign of Shiba Inu and game. In the play-to-earn game, each player gets an NFT-based pixel dog that they now have to take care of daily. The developers rely on the hype potential that has been mentioned, because the game is reminiscent of the Tamagotchis, which conquered the world about 20 years ago. The Shiba Inu also brings back the meme factor to people who already know it from Dogecoin or the Shiba Inu Coin.

At first the developers seem to be fueling the usual meme factor, but there is more to the Shiba Inu. The coin is scheduled to deflate and is the native token of the Metaverse itself, known as the Tamaverse. Two listings are already almost certain, LBank and PancakeSwap have announced that they want to include the TAMA token soon.

The developers deliberately avoided transaction fees and at the same time integrated a burn rate, which burns 5% of the traded tokens with each transaction in the Metaverse. Due to this constant scarcity of coins, the value should rise regularly.

Perhaps Tamadoge was lucky and provided a new project for the critics of the Ethereum merger at the right moment. It remains to be seen how coin prices will develop, but the paths they could take are very interesting. It seems that the second largest cryptocurrency is on the way to a long decline, although an all-new and fresh project is gaining popularity and forecasts are particularly positive.

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