This is how bitcoin (BTC) can reach $24,000

This is how bitcoin (BTC) can reach $24,000

What will be the price of bitcoin (BTC) in a few weeks? This is the question that most crypto analysts have been asking themselves lately. It must be said that the flagship cryptocurrency has shown little volatility recently. For some people, this low volatility indicates a sharp move. Pending the confirmation of this hypothesis, a recent analyst predicted the possible price of bitcoin (BTC) in the short term.

Towards a rise to $24,000 for bitcoin (BTC)

According to s publication on Twitter of the crypto analyst Ali Martinez this October 26, bitcoin could hit $ 24,000. The analyst said:With BTC’s weekly RSI rising above 37, BTC seems to be gaining strength. A sustained move above the 21-week MA could lead to an increase to the 200-week MA at $24,000.“.

It appears that sequential buy signals have been validated.

To support his point, Ali Martinez shared a graphic. The second shows how bitcoin (BTC) could experience a increase to $24,000 from its current price. For the analyst, the crypto flagship is clearly gaining strength. This, since its weekly RSI rose above 37.

Range between $17,600 and $25,000, according to investors

Over the past few days, many analysts have suggested that the time has come for bitcoin (BTC) to rise. parallel, Investors estimate that the crypto flagship will continue to trade in the $17,600-$25,000 range. According to them, the price of bitcoin (BTC) could remain in this range until the end of the year. Here are the results of the latest MLIV Pulse study.

In addition, this same study revealed that investors are out of the SEC’s recent investigations. According to them, these investigations will make for a safer crypto space. For 60% of the 564 investors who answered questions in the survey, asset class volatility has significantly weakened with the recent wave of legislation at the SEC.

Crypto analyst Ali Martinez recently said on Twitter that the price of bitcoin (BTC) could rise to $24,000. It goes without saying that many crypto professionals expect the crypto flagship to rise in the coming days. According to them, BTC’s low volatility indicates a positive movement in the market.

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