This exchange pays 3x more for Bitcoin and Dogecoin

This exchange pays 3x more for Bitcoin and Dogecoin

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Crypto owners now have a new way to monetize their digital assets with the latest utility from the Project ArbiSmartthe first swap bounty feature of its kind.

ArbiSmart is a wallet and financial services ecosystem that allows you to buy, invest and exchange cryptocurrencies. With the recently launched exchange rewards feature, every time you sell digital currency, earn at least 200% above the market price (three times the current value).

How it works

When you sell cryptocurrencies with ArbiSmart, you get triple the price of the 25 supported cryptocurrencies, with the exception of the native RBIS token, which you ten times the price get.

However, certain conditions must be met to obtain the higher rate. The conditions are completely transparent and are communicated to you as soon as you choose the currency to sell, so there are no surprises. This includes a 24-month vesting period and a minimum sale value for each digital currency.

All digital assets sold through the ArbiSmart platform are sold in Euro, with the exception of RBIS which can be sold in Euro or USDT.

The sales reward allows you to earn up to 900% of the value of the cryptocurrency you sell on top of that – completely free. This means that even with a sudden halving in the price of your cryptocurrency, you can prevent it from falling further in value and still make a huge profit on a sale that would otherwise have resulted in a loss. This is a key advantage for crypto owners given the extraordinary volatility of digital currency markets.

Assuming you decide to sell €2,000 worth of Ethereum, you will be credited with €6,000 immediately, which you can withdraw once the 24 month vesting period is over. However, if you decide to sell the RBIS native token worth €2,000, you can withdraw €20,000 (or USDT equivalent) at the end of the vesting period.

How to increase your profits

How to increase your profits

earn interest

Once the vesting period is over, you can withdraw your funds or deposit them in the ArbiSmart Wallet savings plan, where you can earn up to 147% per year.

Savings plan profits are paid on FIAT and crypto balances by the account status of the wallet holder based on the amount of RBIS they set. Wallet holders can earn interest even if they don’t have RBIS, but more RBIS means a better return on balances in BTC, BNB, EUR, USD or other supported currencies. If the savings are in RBIS, the interest rate is even higher.

earn interest

buy crypto

With ArbiSmart, you can make money not only every time you sell currencies through the platform, but also every time you buy them. With the exchange reward feature, you can buy FIAT and cryptocurrencies with a discount of up to 50%.

When you choose a currency to buy, you can also choose a discount percentage between 10% and 50%. Each percentage has its own set of conditions that must be met to receive that particular discount, and the conditions are set before you make your purchase. The conditions include the currency and the amount being purchased, as well as the length of the vesting period, the longer, the higher the discount. In some cases, you may be required to hold a certain amount of RBIS throughout the vesting period.

For example, you can choose a 25% discount when buying $1,000 worth of Bitcoin. In this case, you only need to pay $750 for the transaction, but you will receive a total value of $1,000 in BTC at the end of the specified vesting period.

buy crypto

Make capital gains

In addition to the exchange reward feature and interest wallet, RBIS will add more RBIS utilities in the first half of this year. These include an NFT marketplace, the exclusive ArbiSmart NFT collection, and a DeFi protocol with new gaming features not found anywhere else.

The token is capped at 450M RBIS forever, so as new utilities are launched, demand will outstrip supply, driving up the price and providing significant capital gains to those who already own RBIS.

Make capital gains

Do you want to generate passive profit and at least triple the value of your capital with minimal effort and almost zero risk? ⇨ Sell ​​your cryptocurrency today!

Last updated on February 16, 2023

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Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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