This cryptocurrency could rise 8,000% and climb faster than Bitcoin or Axie Infinity

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Currently the crypto market offers 9,962 cryptocurrencies and new ones are added every day. Some will get lost in the crowd and not attract much attention, but other projects fill a gap in the market or are popular for other reasons and may even inspire new hype.

Now, however, the time may have come for a token that is currently succeeding faster than Bitcoin or Axie Infinity. For this, a base needs a certain thing. This is exactly what seems to be the case with the new Tamadoge meme base. It is already for a record number.

5 Reasons Tamadoge Could Make Bigger Price Explosions Than BTC and AXS

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and it was hugely popular. In 2010, its value was 0.08 cents, today the rate is 22,004 euros. Meanwhile, the price was already over 57,000 euros.

The price of Axie Infinity also increased rapidly in 2021, the price rose over 270% within two months. With Tamadoge, a real competitor is entering the crypto market and it could over-scaling the performance of BTC and AXS. Here are five reasons why this could happen.

  • The Shiba-Inu Factor: The dog face is simply popular in the crypto world and on social media
  • The Healthy Ecosystem: Many partnerships are planned for the Metaverse
  • The 5% burn rate: Could steadily increase the value of the token through
  • The play game to earn: These games are already very popular and rare in cryptocurrencies
  • The solid roadmap: Good plans for the future create confidence among investors

This is Tamadoge – more than just a meme base

Anyone who hears Meme Coin now probably thinks of Shiba Inu or the Dogecoin. Both had a lot of hype, but it didn’t last long and the signs probably aren’t designed for long-term success.

The Tamadoge developers planned it differently. First, the familiar Shiba Inu face appears on the coin itself and on the website. This has become a kind of trademark for meme coins in the cryptocurrency. But with the token comes a well-planned ecosystem, with a metaverse and its own playable game with earnings that could bring back childhood memories for many.

last nameTomato
Total number of tokens2 billion

The sign is a threshold sign of your own metaverse, which is named Tamaverse. Investors can buy it in the current presale. This is divided into eight stages; the last phase started a few days ago.

The presale was supposed to run until November, but as of July 3, $15 million worth of tokens have been sold. The pre-sale is likely to be completed successfully in the coming days.

Already these successful pre-sale figures make investors and analysts assume that the price of the TAMA token will explode. But of course other facts also play a role.

TAMA token holders could soon be making money from playing the game to earn

Earn money by playing games, playing the games to earn is becoming more popular and more and more crypto projects are committed to them. Tamadoge developers plan to not only bring a new game to the crypto market, but to completely revolutionize these games.

The game is based on NFT’s dog, a Shiba Inu of course. Each player gets a puppy that he has to take care of from now on. The dog must be nurtured and cared for so that it can develop and climb the ranks with its master.

Tamadog Tamaverse

If you get long enough, you can participate in PVP fights with your dog, which are awarded with dog points. TAMA tokens will be awarded to whoever tops the leaderboard at the end of the month. Players can spend these in the Tamaverse to buy something like a new leash or treats for their dog, or they can send them to their wallet and turn them directly into cash.

This play style will remind many of the Tamagotchis that were popular in the 90s, they also need to be fed regularly to keep them thriving. Of course, this creates a certain addictive factor for the players, of course the sign will be beneficial if the users keep coming back.

Tamadoge forecasts and expectations: 8,000% price explosion ahead?

Tamadoge developers can do more than bounce a Shiba Inu. The token has a 5% burn rate, which is intended to increase the value of the token even if the demand does not increase.

In addition to the already planned game, there will also be an app next year that will enable users to take care of their animals on the go. The app is said to have an AR mode, which is also used in the Pokémon Go game, which was hyped in 2016. Thanks to the mode, players can make it appear as if their pets are in real life.

Other plans are outlined on the developer roadmap, partnerships for the Metaverse are being worked on in the first quarter of next year, and additional listings are to be made.

TAMA also differs from the majority of cryptocurrencies when it comes to token distribution. 50% of the tokens are reserved for the pre-sale, 20% are deposited for listings, 30% are for circulation in the next 10 years. Good to know: There are no tokens reserved for developers.

Even if the TAMA course is still not live due to the lack of official listings, it seems at the moment that the Tamadoge developers have done everything right. Pre-sales are going great and the community is growing fast. More than 62,000 people are already following the official Twitter account.

More and more memes showing the sign dog are appearing on Twitter and other social networks. It remains to be seen how the price will develop, but analysts expect significant results in various forecasts.

The Tamadoge forecast by sees the token at an average value of USD 0.0125 over the next year. With more favorable prospects from, the TAMA course can already be seen at USD 4 next year.

If the demand for the token develops in a similar way to the previous pre-sale and if the rush with the published play-to-earn game even increases, the new base has a very good start ahead of it. Thanks to its well-regarded properties and secure ecosystem, the cryptocurrency could also have a good long-term future.

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