This cryptocurrency could rise 8,000% and climb faster than Bitcoin or Axie Infinity –

This cryptocurrency could rise 8,000% and climb faster than Bitcoin or Axie Infinity -

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DogeCoin, Shiba Inu, Baby Doge and Samoyed are now following Tamadoge another dog base! this new meme coin yet available in advance and it is currently breaking all records: As of today, the project has won a total of 17 million US dollars from investors. The pre-sale is unexpectedly explosive – the mintage is likely to sell out ahead of time.

Dog themed meme coins They are still popular in the crypto industry. After their big boom in mid-2021, DogeCoin and Shiba Inu were even able to establish themselves in the top 20 cryptocurrencies. Tamadoge now depends on the combination as well “sweet dog” and completes it with a play game to earn. Here provides information about everything you need to know about the Tamadoge presale.


Dynamic pre-sales give cause for hope for a price explosion

At the end of July, Tamadoge began its pre-sale with the Beta sale. This was intended for four weeks, but ended within it of two and a half weeks for sale. After that, the pre-sale went into the general pre-sale and this has been going on ever since.

The remarkable thing about it: In terms of income, the project is now famous predecessors like Beat STEPN or even Ethereum! After the first 5 million, then 10 million US dollars in seed capital, the threshold of $17 million reached – the sale is about to happen!

The pre-sale was not linear, but it was built in stages. A new level would be reached periodically, causing the price to rise by 0.0275 USDT each time. Meanwhile, the final step has already been reached. In the possible buy TAMA for 0.03 US dollars to buy.

Tamadoge Forecast: How will the sign perform?

There are sign projections that are still ongoing before the sale a difficult effort. After all, they can only use a few parameters in their analysis, such as the white paper, the size of the community, and the composition and experience of the team.

For Tamadoge, the fact that the project already has a pre-sale speaks volumes incredible dynamics could develop. Various forecasts suggest that the token will settle between $0.02 and $1 next year.

Tamadoge uses these 3 secrets to its success

Is that at the base Potential for exponential growth and will it explode when the presale ends? These 4 success secrets support Tamadoge in his success!

Tamadoge relies on playing with earnings as a use case

Buy Tamadog
Tamadoge uses the eponymous dog character with the cuteness factor full of In addition, the development team has thought about the possible uses of the tire.

One came out play new game to earn: Players have the opportunity to play and interact with their cute digital pet. In addition, as usual with this concept, there is a chance to win of some kind passive income to exploit.

To do this, players compete against each other with their pets in an arena. Based on their performance, they are ranked on the Tamadoge Leaderboard. This is evaluated monthly, the best players get it Rewards in the form of TAMA tokens.

The TAMA signs can convert to fiat money will. At the same time, they can be used in the Tamastore to get accessories, toys or food for your own pets. 65% of the revenue from this store is paid into the P2E rewards pool.

A deflated base with a 5% burn rate drives the price

Tamadoge Metaverse
The Tamastore also plays an important role in the burn rate: Because this applies to all Tamastore transactions and is equal to 5%. It means that 5% of the TAMA tokens were destroyed and so the total number of signs becomes smaller and smaller.

There are also tires that have a built-in burn rate deflated tires referred to: They are set in such a way that the total number of coins available is not constantly increasing, but instead decreases over time.

For the coins, this means the opportunity to influence price developments. Because a burn rate with the same demand can only reduce the number of tires resulting in a price increase.

Ambitious roadmap including planned CEX and DEX listings

Tamadog App Metaverse App
For its DEX and CEX listings, Tamadoge has already announced the end of the pre-sale DEX subscription at Uniswap happen. LBank won as a crypto exchange for the CEX listing. In the long term, however, the project has set itself the goal of being listed on all major exchanges.

For 2023 soon, the team would like new metaverse partnerships into focus: Because the metaverse content will play a big role at Tamadoge. In addition to developing their own Metaverse, the Tamadoge team would like to partner with other Metaverses. It is part of the additional roadmap Augmented Reality App. With this, users can directly interact with their Tamadoge pets.

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Your chance to win $100,000

Giveaways are a popular way in the crypto industry to thank the community for their support. The amounts vary from two to four digits: 50 US dollars, 300 US dollars, sometimes even 1,000 US dollars to be divided among everyone who is qualified to participate. But Tamadoge goes all out here and gives his fans a chance to do it right away $100,000 to be won.

Participation is easy: The fans have to do certain activities and then they automatically end up in the lottery pot. For the 100K Tamadoge gift, they must first Follow the project’s Twitter account. Other participation options will then be activated: Like the post, join the Telegram group, follow the YouTube channel, etc. Holding tokens in their wallets can participate.

Carl Dawkins as guest at Metaverse Week London

Tamadoge was a guest at September Metaverse Week in London. The highly anticipated event brought together top industry experts to discuss topics related to the Metaverse. Metaverse Week is sponsored by Phoenix Community Capital (CSP), CODUS, DLT Lounge, Launch Pool and Women Tech Leaders Magazine.

By Carl Dawkins who takes the Head of the Tamadoge growing department participate in this event. Among other things, he will talk about how the Metaverse can maintain its uptrend amid the recent general downturn in the crypto economy and financial markets. He passes on his knowledge from more than seven years of experience in the crypto economy.

Dawkins has been there since May 2021 full time in the crypto industry employed. Before that he spent several years in the fields of crypto marketing, social media and data analysis. This year he has found a permanent home in the Metaverse with Tamadoge.

Buy Tamadoge in presale: Here’s how

There is a pre-sale its own pre-sale platform of Tamadoge through which the transaction is processed. The first step is to connect your crypto wallet to this platform.

You should make sure you keep Ether or USDT in your wallet for at least 30 euros: Here’s how you do it with one Minimum 1,000 TAMA tokens and a unit price of $0.03 to ensure that you can complete the transaction.

For the purchase itself, in addition to ETH and USDT, you also have the option to use the TAMA tokens with your credit card and buy fiat money. That’s what Tamadoge is all about Partnership with Transak received to be able to offer the purchase even easier. Transak enables fiat-to-crypto transactions and offers whopping 28 payment methods to choose from.

So you first choose whether you want to buy TAMA with ETH, USDT or “by card” (by credit card). Then enter the required number of tokens in the input mask and follow the instructions instructions on the screen.

Important to know: You won’t get your TAMA symptoms right away, you will but only after the end of the presale. Once this is complete, you can request the tokens on the Tamadoge website with a mouse click.

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Last updated September 19, 2022

The Tamadoge Presale has started!

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