This coin will steal the show from Bitcoin and Ether this fall

This coin will steal the show from Bitcoin and Ether this fall

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As bitcoin and many other digital assets have fallen, some coins are very resilient in the face of current market volatility.

One coin that is rising at an amazing rate even when the rest of the market is crashing is RBIS, the token that powers the ArbiSmart financial services ecosystem. In the last 3 weeks alone it is up about 300% and still going up.


So what saved RBIS from the bear market and why are analysts predicting a massive jump to 30x current values ​​by the end of 2022?

Consistent gains in downturns

The main reason for the increase in the price of RBIS is probably that the ArbiSmart ecosystem offers bear-resistant utilities that allow users to earn the same, reliable profit in a downturn or a downturn.

First, ArbiSmart offers automated crypto arbitrage. It is a low risk investment strategy that makes money from temporary price differences of a crypto asset on different exchanges. These price differences occur at regular intervals regardless of the direction in which the market is moving.

Crypto investing in volatile times
ArbiSmart’s automated system tracks hundreds of assets across multiple exchanges, looking for temporary price differences. He buys the asset on the exchange with the lowest price and immediately sells it on the exchange with the highest price. Users simply deposit money and the algorithm does the rest, generating profits of up to 147% per year. The exact profit percentage depends on the amount deposited and can be calculated before investing.

ArbiSmart also offers another way for crypto owners to make profits, even during a crash. In July of this year, ArbiSmart introduced its interest-bearing wallet, which offers annual rates of up to 147% that remain the same in bull and bear markets.

The wallet supports 25 FIAT and different cryptocurrencies and offers different saving options. Wallet holders can invest funds in short-term savings plans as short as one month or long-term plans up to 5 years, with higher returns the longer the funds are tied up.

The interest rate is based on the wallet holder’s balance, determined by the amount of RBIS they hold. More RBIS means better returns on balances in all supported currencies, from Bitcoin, Ether and Shiba Inu to Euro, Sterling and USD.

The best returns are achieved on RBIS balances, although even if users choose not to convert their currency to the native token, they can increase their returns simply by taking daily interest in RBIS.

A growing range of services

The ArbiSmart development team has been hard at work expanding the ecosystem throughout the carrier, and those efforts will continue through the end of the year.

Play to Earn
In late Q3 and Q4, ArbiSmart will launch a mobile application to earn, buy, store and trade cryptocurrencies. It will also introduce a decentralized protocol where yield farmers will be able to provide loans and liquidity in exchange for up to 190,000% APY as well as 0.3% of the fee charged on each trade. The protocol will also offer a unique twist, with gaming features that will allow participants to earn points and increase their annual percentage returns.

This winter, ArbiSmart will also launch an NFT marketplace and launch its own unique collection of digital one-off products. In 2023 a professional cryptocurrency exchange and gaming metaverse will be launched where participants can buy, develop and sell virtual real estate.

All these RBIS utilities will be interconnected so that an RBIS owner who uses additional utilities will get a better rate of return. For example, NFT ArbiSmart acts as an investment in digital art and as a score booster, giving farmers higher scores and increasing their annual returns.

By using the ArbiSmart ecosystem, participants earn profits from various RBIS services, such as: B. Betting, liquidity provision and arbitrage trading. You can greatly increase those gains by putting the earnings into a wallet savings plan over a period of time, creating a second source of income without any extra effort.

Steady upward trend

During the ongoing bear market this year, the arbitrage system and wallet provided a safe haven, making them popular investment options for crypto owners. Meanwhile, as the wallet grows and more people open savings plans, an increasing number of RBIS will be locked in, which will limit circulation and limit the available supply.

Application examplesSince every service in the ArbiSmart ecosystem requires the use of RBIS, the demand for tokens will increase with each new service. Supply is capped at 450 million RBIS forever, so as demand increases, supply will decrease, driving up the price and generating huge capital gains.

RBIS is steadily rising even when other currencies are crashing. To start profiting from your bitcoin no matter which direction the market moves next, open a wallet now!

Last updated on October 5, 2022

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