This coin is up 400% more than Bitcoin in 1 month

This coin is up 400% more than Bitcoin in 1 month

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Many crypto investors believe in the long-term potential of their capital and are buying their bitcoin and other coins in response to the ongoing bear market. However, by letting their capital sit idle until the market recovers instead of using it, they miss out on potential gains. Others, at the other end of the risk spectrum, swing trade and speculate on short-term price movements in both directions. Although high returns can be achieved in this way, the trader is also exposed to a very high level of risk.

However, one project provides relatively risk-free passive profits to the industry without any effort. With ArbiSmart’s interest-earning wallet and financial services ecosystem, you can at the same Interest rate up to 147% per annum earnings, whether with the recession or the upswing.


It’s in less than a month the value of the RBIS ArbiSmart token increased by 400%, and even as other major cryptocurrencies struggle to maintain their value, RBIS continues to rise. Analysts even accepted it that it will increase to 30 times its current value by the end of 2022.

How the wallet works

The EU-licensed ArbiSmart interest wallet supports 25 FIAT and various cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, and Apecoin to Euro, USD, and Sterling.

You can deposit your funds in an available balance where they can be withdrawn at any time without earning any interest. Or you can put your funds into a locked-in savings plan to get consistent interest whether the market is bearish or bullish. The capital can be tied up for short periods of 1 or 3 months or for longer periods of 2, 3 or 5 years, and the longer the savings plan the higher the interest rates.

The most important factor affecting your returns is your account balance, which is determined by how much RBIS you have. The more RBIS you have, the higher your account balance and the higher the interest rate for all FIAT and supported cryptocurrencies.

While you can earn unmatched interest on your chosen bitcoin, euro or other currency without having to convert it to RBIS, RBIS deposits offer a much higher rate of return.

How to start earning

Once you have signed up with ArbiSmart, your next step is to deposit funds in FIAT or cryptocurrencies.

However, to earn interest on this balance, you need to purchase at least 1000 RBIS, which puts you on a Level 1 beginner account. RBIS can be purchased via wallet or wire transfer, through a crypto exchange, or directly from the ArbiSmart panel.

Then, choose a currency, savings plan period, and how you want to receive your interest. Interest is paid daily and can be transferred to an available balance where it can be withdrawn at any time; savings may be blocked for them together with the money they accrue; or they can be paid out in RBIS instead of the savings balance currency and locked in until the plan expires to get the highest rate of return.

Finally, choose a deposit amount and you’re all set. From that point on, the wallet will pay you the same interest every day, regardless of which direction the market moves.

How the profits remain constant

The reason ArbiSmart is able to generate such high risk-free returns is because it uses the deposited funds to perform automated crypto arbitrage.

Crypto arbitrage is a risk-free investment strategy that makes money from price differences between exchanges – brief moments when a coin is available at different prices at the same time. These price differences occur regularly, under all market conditions, and for various reasons, such as a difference in trading volume between a larger and smaller exchange.

The ArbiSmart crypto arbitrage algorithm is connected to 35 exchanges, where it tracks hundreds of coins day and night in search of price differences. He is able to do several trades at the same time. When he sees a crypto arbitrage opportunity, he buys at the lowest available price and sells at the highest to generate predictable profits that can be calculated in advance.

How to increase demand

As more RBIS are withdrawn from general circulation and tied to long-term savings plans, the supply is reduced. There is a limit to how much RBIS can ever be created, and as demand continues to rise, supply will decrease and the price will rise.

In Q4 2022 and Q1 2023, the ArbiSmart development team will add several new services to the ecosystem, all of which require RBIS ownership, and should drive token demand.

Among the many services planned for the second half of 2022 are a mobile app for storing, buying and exchanging assets, an exclusive collection of ArbiSmart non-fungible tokens (NFTs), an NFT market and a DeFi Protocol that will offer innovative gaming features. The protocol will enable farmers to borrow money and provide liquidity for valuable rewards that can be enhanced with NFTs that increase points. In early 2023, ArbiSmart will launch a cryptocurrency exchange and metaverse for games with ways to win.

With all services connected, RBIS owners will be able to increase their profits by using more than one ArbiSmart utility, which will encourage more usage of tokens. For example, an in-game item purchased in the NFT Exchange could increase the owner’s score, leading to higher earnings in the Metaverse or Defi Protocol.

The value of RBIS has quadrupled in one month, and the price is about to rise much higher. In addition to income from savings plans and in the near future from gambling, trading and yield farming, RBIS holders will be able to earn significant capital gains from the rising assured value whether the bear market continues or the market rebounds .

ArbiSmart is offering signature advertising that will be valid for three days from the date of publication of this article. The offer states that anyone who registers and opens a wallet within 72 hours 1,000 RBIS for free receives. This gives the wallet holder Basic 1 account status, allowing them to start earning daily interest immediately and also earn capital gains from the ever-increasing value of tokens without purchasing RBIS. .

To claim the free RBIS and earn interest from day one, open a wallet today!

Last updated on 11 October 2022

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