Theta Fuel, Ethereum Classic, Polygon & whiz

Theta Fuel, Ethereum Classic, Polygon & whiz

Is a new bull run starting? Many cryptocurrencies are exploding right now – the top 3 cryptocurrencies today: Theta Fuel (TFUEL), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Polygon (MATIC). We also introduce a new cryptocurrency with potential.

Heated Fuel (TFUEL): +27%

Theta Fuel (TFUEL) continues its bullish performance over the past week today, up 32% over the past 7 days, followed by another double-digit percentage pump, pushing the coin price from $0.052 to $0.06629 – daily gain of more than 27%.


Theta Fuel’s trading volume also exploded: This is up 568% compared to the previous day, which shows the huge activity in the network.

TFUEL daily chart. Image:

Is the coin heading towards an all-time high? That is $0.6807 and was marked on June 9, 2021. As a result, more than 90% separates the current price from the high.

However,’s current forecast expects a sustained upward trend for Theta Fuel in the next 12 months: TFUEL will reach up to $0.373 by July 2023 – which is equivalent to yield 462%.

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Ethereum Classic (ETC): +20%

Ethereum Classic (ETC), the original version of the Ethereum smart contracts platform, is up more than 20% today.

Analyst Bullrun_Gravano writes about the ETC pump to more than 130,000 Twitter followers:

β€œETC Ethereum Classic

It seems to have been ignored.

A big increase recently. Watch out for the $22 mark.

If that’s broken, we’ll go to $28.”

ETC is currently trading at $22.84 so it is on the way to $28, according to the analyst. Was it worth starting?

Medium-term forecasts are also bullish on Ethereum Classic: describes ETC as an “excellent” investment, sees the coin rising to $35.52 (+55%) within the next 12 months.

However, the following must be taken into account: Many traders believe that further price increases can be achieved in Ethereum Classic as soon as the Ethereum upgrade to version 2.0 is completed. So ETH is a proof-of-stake network – and ETC is the second largest proof-of-work network after Bitcoin.

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Polygon (MATIC): +22%

PolagΓ‘n (MATIC) was already able to increase significantly when the Disney collaboration became known. now the layer 2 scaling solution is again recording a strong plus price. However, this time it seems to be about something else – because as the official Twitter account teases, coming soon β€œthe most important revelation of 2022”:

In just three days it should be ready. The users are already over the moon, the price is following: from $0.74, it recovered to $0.9062 – on Gain more than 22% in one day. It will be interesting to see what the “most important revelation of 2022” will be.

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Axie Infinity (AXS) is considered the most successful blockchain game – and the new crypto project Battle Infinity (IBAT) is now pushing for this throne. Crypto YouTuber Jacob Crypto Bury, for example, has already ranked Battle Infinity among the top 5 Metaverse coins.

IBAT is still in pre-sale until October, therefore it can be bought at the entry level price. In the first five days, the base is already facing a huge run. could earn more than $200,000. Suresh Joshi, the founder of Battle Infinity, is also expecting a 100x increase in the value of his token, saying, “There is no excuse for losing 100x wins!”

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Last updated on July 18, 2022

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