These 3 cryptos could experience the same pumps as Dogecoin

dogecoin pump

Although the Dogecoin continues to rise thanks in particular to the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, who is one of the biggest supporters of DOGE, according to analysts, other cryptos may experience a similar pump.

In fact, Dogecoin is not the only crypto that has potential in the current market. This is 3 other cryptocurrencies which could soon be as successful as DOGE!

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a coin meme cryptocurrency which raised over $19 million during its presale within about 2 months. A true success that allowed him to achieve an ATH (All Time High). $0.19 at its launch is x19 compared to the initial price.

Unlike most other meme bases, this one There is use. It’s actually a Play to Earn inspired by Tamagotchis, these toys that were a real phenomenon in the late 90s, all in their own Metaverse called the Tamaverse.

Each Tamadoge takes the form of a NFT of a virtual pet that it will be necessary to raise it to see it grow, but also with the possibility of doing it in front of other players to win rewards.

Although the current TAMA price is only $0.034, the project has potential and pum couldp as well if not more than Dogecoin in the future.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

Why could Tamadog explode?

Indeed, unlike Dogecoin, Tamadoge has utilities, but as a bonus the project is only at its beginning. Therefore, its full potential is yet to come. This is especially true for the Tamadoge game which should be revealed more next year.

This promises Tamadoge in 3d of charge. augmented reality and virtual reality. Concepts that are interesting for such a type of game on the blockchain and we are curious to see the results.

According to analysts, these 3 cryptos could experience the same pumps as Dogecoin

As a bonus, they are the recently launched NFTs on OpenSea real success due to their relatively high price and the trading volumes that prove that TAMA NFTs are among the highlights of the OpenSea platform that show their demand.

We will have to continue to watch Tamadoge carefully in the coming weeks and months. Depending on the announcements and the result of the evolution of the project, the TAMA token could easily exceed its ATH by $0.19. heading towards $1.

Trade Dash 2: crypto at the service of traders and investors

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is a cryptocurrency that is currently on presale. She managed to collect over $4 million within about ten days: a substantial sum!

Phase 2 is underway among the 9 planned. The current price to be $0.05 for 1 D2T token and it will be at the end of the presale $0.0662. Therefore it is advantageous, like most cases with pre-sales, to invest as soon as possible, paying attention to possible red flags and taking into account the money you can risk.

According to analysts, these 3 cryptos could experience the same pumps as Dogecoin

Dash 2 Trade is therefore a platform offering various tools and features to enable traders and investors to make the right decisions regarding their investments in the cryptocurrency community.

Therefore, such a crypto has the potential to explode simply because it could allow long-term rmake more profit. In fact, Dash 2 Trade will be available as a monthly subscription payable in D2T.

Among the various functionalities that may exist will be real-time alerts, automatic trading, the possibility to simulate trades, metrics and indicators, but also the general mood of the market as well as pre-sale information. Thanks to Dash 2 Trade, it will easy to miss no opportunity and having all the information in a clear and precise way.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

Invest in pre-sale

If you want to invest in this pre-sale and do not miss the opportunity to miss out on a crypto that can be similar to Dogecoin as well as being a risky tool. help you make a profit going forward, here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to the Dash 2 Trade official website.
  • Click the “Connect” button to connect your crypto wallet.
  • Choose the amount of D2T tokens you want
  • Pay with ETH or USDT and validate the transaction.

There will only be D2T signals not available before the end of the pre-sale. So, once it’s done, return to the official website and click the “Claim” button to get your D2T tokens directly in your crypto wallet. If you want to learn more about how to buy D2T tokens please see our guide which expands further on this topic.

Calvaria Duels of Eternity: a new NFT game

Calvaria ($RIA) is new. card game. These will all be NFTs to collect, but also especially to build your own deck to face other players. It is therefore a game for all collectors, but also for those who want to prove that they are able to implement the best strategies and apply them against other players.

In addition to the fact that it is another Play to Earn, it has its own advantages, including an original way to bring more people into the blockchain. Indeed, Calvaria Duels of Eternity will be playable on PC, on mobile phones (iOS, Android), but also on Free version to play advanced for those who are not familiar with new technologies to try the same game.

As a bonus Calvaria will have her share of Duels of Eternity own stack platform to deposit your $RIA tokens in a liquidity pool for a certain period of time and in return passively receive rewards.

Will be a card loan system allowing all players to lend their cards for $RIA tokens, but above all being able to build any deck without having to own all the cards.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

Presale underway

Advance sales of Calvary have just reached the 1 million dollar mark over $800,000 in one week. Phase 3 is underway and equals 1 $RIA $0.02. In total, there will be 10 steps and the value at the end of the pre-sale for $RIA token is 1. $0.055. This represents x5 just between stage 1 and stage 10 of the pre-sale.

According to analysts, these 3 cryptos could experience the same pumps as Dogecoin

If you want to participate and invest in this project, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Go to the official Calvaria website and click on the “Buy Now” button.
  • Connect your crypto wallet via the “Connect” button.
  • Define the amount of $RIA to buy.
  • Pay in USDT, DAI, BUSD, USDC or ETH and validate the transaction.

$RIA tokens there must be a “Demand” at the end of the presale through the button of the same name to send your tokens to your crypto wallet. For more information on how to buy $RIA, feel free to browse our guide.

If you are interested in the world of presales, now is also the time successful lock encryption under the name IMPT which has already raised more than 11 million dollars. It has many partners such as Amazon, Apple and Hugo Boss.

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