These 3 coins are currently trending on Twitter and are about to explode: Safemoon 3.0, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin –

These 3 coins are currently trending on Twitter and are about to explode: Safemoon 3.0, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin -

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New crypto projects and coins are emerging every day that have the potential to revolutionize the industry. In this article, we look at three cryptocurrencies that are currently trending on Twitter and are getting a lot of attention: Safemoon 3.0, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Let’s take a closer look at them and see what makes them unique.

Safemoon 3.0 – This coin could be the new Pepe

The crypto market is known for its rapid developments and the emergence of new coins that have the potential to be extremely successful. One of these coins that is currently attracting a lot of attention is Safemoon 3.0. With its recent launch on DexTools, the coin has already exceeded expectations and shows huge growth potential.

Safemoon 3.0 aims to counter the old hype about Safemoon’s failed premise and make its vision a reality. With a total of 3 trillion coins available, the coin is already attracting a large number of investors who are applying for the popular tokens.

This coin has the potential to beat Safemoon’s performance at that time and build on the hype of the last big Pepe memecoin. So the coin could replace Pepe and give high rewards to early investors.

The project benefits from a high level of interest and a strong community that has recognized the potential of Safemoon 3.0. Investors believe in the coin’s long-term growth potential and are ready to jump in early to take advantage of future gains.

It remains to be seen how Safemoon 3.0 will develop and whether it can be the new Pepe of the crypto market. However, the signs are very positive and it will be exciting to see how the coin performs in the coming weeks and months.

Bitcoin Cash – popular thanks to EDX Markets

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been making headlines for the past few days, posting an impressive surge of over 100%. But this increase is not an accidental phenomenon; there is an underlying reason for this. The cryptocurrency benefited from its recent inclusion on EDX, a crypto exchange backed by Citadel Securities, which led to renewed interest in this digital asset.

On its highest trading day this week, BCH saw its largest trading volume in a year, surpassing a whopping $750 million. This high trading volume reflects renewed interest and confidence in Bitcoin Cash.

IntoTheBlock’s Balance by Time Held indicator allows a closer look at the dynamics behind this rise. It is particularly noticeable that this increase in trading volume is largely due to traders holding BCH for less than a month. Over the past 30 days, these short-term holders have increased by 33%.

This growth in new holders reflects a shift in market sentiment towards BCH due to its listing on the EDX exchange. The listing provides an endorsement of sorts for BCH, indicating its acceptance by mainstream financial institutions as well as its readiness for a wider investor audience.

Such positive development follows a similar trend observed in Litecoin (LTC), another cryptocurrency listed on the EDX exchange. Like BCH, the price of LTC has increased significantly, highlighting the impact of EDX listing decisions on the market dynamics of these coins.

Litecoin – new strength for the old coin

Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency that has been showing significant bullish momentum since the beginning of this year. The current price of LTC is $102, which represents an increase of over 10% in the last 24 hours.

The reason for this increase, apart from EDX Markets, is the upcoming Litecoin halving event. The event is expected to further halve the price. Investors see this development as an opportunity to make significant profits with LTC, and interest in the cryptocurrency is steadily increasing.

The increased demand for Litecoin is also reflected in the trading volume. In the last few hours, $483 million worth of LTC was traded, which is 1.5% of the total volume of all currencies. These figures show the increased interest and confidence of investors in Litecoin.

Another important factor is the rising market cap in Litecoin, which is currently close to $7 billion. Therefore Litecoin has a significant place in the crypto market and has a market share of around 0.55%.

Although the price of LTC is still far from its all-time high of $420 reached in 2017, the upcoming halving event is expected to have a positive impact on the price. Halving events have often resulted in significant price increases for cryptocurrencies in the past.

Another important factor that highlights the strength of Litecoin is the rising hash rate in the network. With more miners joining the network, the mining difficulty also increases. A higher hash rate and difficulty means the network is more secure and more miners are actively participating. This adds to the stability and integrity of the Litecoin network.

Last updated on June 30, 2023

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