The Vasil hard fork is Cardano’s biggest update

The Vasil hard fork is Cardano's biggest update

In anticipation of the end of June, the launch of Cardano’s hard fork vessels has finally been postponed until the end of next month. The decision was announced on June 20 by Input Output, Cardano’s lead developer, and the blockchain’s founder commented later that day. In fact, Charles Hoskinson in a video published on his YouTube channel shared the reasons for this postponement.

Code that requires some testing because of the bets

From the outset, Mr. Hoskinson sought to reassure the public by saying that the hard fork code is ready for launch. However, the founder of Cardano admits that he has given his engineers new instructions to ensure that there are no features that are likely to ruin the update. In addition there are numerous exchanges that have taken place with the developers of DApps and other Cardano – based projects. They expressed a desirebecome more involved in QA processes and testing networks. Such experiments will naturally take several weeks, so the delay is immediate.

Concerned about public opinion and for obvious reasons of transparency, the founder of Cardano agreed to this request. He also confirmed that Vasil hard fork design is primarily for DApp developers. ” We are making improvements to networking, consensus and pipeline. We are making significant changes to the Plutus language, the first of the DApps to be distributed. There’s a lot going on here with this hardfork. I think it’s the biggest and most important we’ve ever done, and the stakes have never been higher in that regard. “, he confirmed.

Testnet is planned for the end of the month

If the hard fork is not launched at the end of the month, the Output Input indicates that testnet will be replaced. This will allow betting exchange and pool operators to try out the update before it is officially launched. For this last point, the Output Input indicated that there is no complete timetable and that Vasil’s hard fork the most difficult development program to implement on Cardano. For his part, Mr. Hoskinson recalled that Vasil will significantly improve the scalability of the network, which will eventually lead to an increase in its adoption.

While the arguments made by the founder of Cardano are certain, the public hopes that this postponement of the first of a series will not be similar to the one Ethereum suffered with Merge. He also has to be patient before seeing the rally in ADA price announced after the launch of Vasil’s hard fork.

Source: Finbold

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