The Solana (SOL) blockchain has closed down again

The Solana (SOL) blockchain has closed down again

Solana, one of the largest blockchains in the cryptocurrency market, remains unstoppable. The ecosystem represents one of the most promising projects behind the giants Bitcoin and Ethereum. The shutdown appears to occur as a result of a network failure of the system. The blockchain is unable to confirm transactions and create new blocks. This causes many applications to close within the Solana network.

Solana Blockchain Shutdown Notice

Endless Problems on the Solana Blockchain

This is nothing new, the Solana blockchain has been having problems for quite some time now. During the year 2021, in September, it suffered a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack that disrupted traffic on the network. This has already caused the Solana blockchain to shut down and go offline for more than 17 hours.

Later this year, on May 1, Solana got into trouble again. Same, mandatory stop and then restart for all its users and collectors. Again, on June 1, the blockchain was inactive for 4 long hours.

A bug to validate transactions on the Solana blockchain

The Solana blockchain was temporarily stopped, operators had to follow instructions through Discord to restart. Is this still a DDoS attack?

The tweets highlighted by Solana’s status do not seem to be a bug. In fact, the transaction validation features generated random and inconsistent results within the same blocks. The network could no longer be properly secured and the entire blockchain was vulnerable.

The Solana blockchain decided to put the validated version of the buggy transactions on standby. This is in order to be able to quickly release a patch and enhance existing features.

Currently the teams have reassured users and investors, announcing the secure state of the network as well as the funds. The operators coordinated a network restart through Discord so that they could revive the blockchain.


How can this be done? A project as famous as the Solana blockchain? Always stop, with bugs and attacks that never end. We hope that the team members will find a solution to this new problem quickly and we hope that another problem will not arise in the coming days. I still wonder what’s in store for Solana’s blockchain in the coming months. Is the worst to be expected?

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