The SOL Phone is coming! Solana is working on a crypto smartphone

The Solana team is developing a smartphone! In addition, Solana Labs co – founder Anatoly Yakovenko, it has advertised full range of products. They all aim to harness the potential of cryptocurrencies for integration with smartphones. According to official posts, the digital asset industry and related networks have grown and now support millions of users. But they obviously rely on desktop applications.

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Solana Phone Saga: What you need to know now

With that in mind, Yakovenko believes it’s time to “mobilize crypt.” So the smartphone company called Saga will launch by the first quarter of 2023.


This will be accompanied by a secure and native storage solution called Seed Vault, a mobile stack, a non-mixed signal (NFT) based product called Saga Pass and the Solana dApp store.

The company behind the blockchain is backed by major players in the crypto space. These include FTX, Coral, Kiyomi / OpenEra crypto exchanges, Magic Eden, Okay Bears, Orca, Phantom, StepN and others.

Solana against Big Tech

Yakovenko believes these products will enable developers to build apps and exploit new use cases, as well as improve mobile payment capabilities.

This could help develop Web3, improve payment methods and remove third parties from these processes. On this Yakovenko:

“All of this would be an achievement, but together this is the beginning of a major step forward in the adoption of encryption on mobile phones (…). There is now the opportunity to build features and experiences that leverage Web3’s more sophisticated mobile transactions to take digital assets anywhere. ”

The Solana Mobile Stack and other products have been in production for “less than a year,” according to the CEO. Yakovenko thinks that big tech companies like Google and Apple have failed offer solutions for the integration of cryptocurrencies with mobile devices for the emerging industry.

In addition, Yakovenko claims that the companies Deliberately prevent crypto companies, developers and projects from realizing these solutions. Yakovenko:

“It’s time for Web3 developers to start building for mobile, rather than mobile surroundings.”

Solana goes mobile

In addition to the obstacles Big Tech poses to Web3 and crypto developers, Solana strives to offer them and users native hardware and software, as well as a native storage solution.

Yakovenko claims that the emerging industry is being used by “millions of people.” However, technology must continue to evolve in the mobile sector.

There are limits to crypto investors. And the new products should fix them:

“(…) Every day I hear stories of people leaving dinners, conferences and holidays to return to their computers and sign important transactions. The mints, crafts, listings and transitions that are crucial to the daily life of the crypto lover are withdrawing from our lives with others. ”

The data provided by Yakovenko states: The number of active users of the blockchain has increased by 44% since December 2021. This metric sits at 2.3 million monthly users with a 169% increase in programs used daily over the same period.

If the company succeeds in gaining a foothold in the mobile sector, these metrics could continue to increase in the coming years. At the time of writing, SOL is trading at $ 38. The base has gained 11% in the last 24 hours.

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Text credit: Bitcoinist

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