The price of Bitcoin joked by the creator of Dogecoin


With the significant changes to Bitcoin, this caused some panic on the part of investors. The impressive figures of Bitcoin in the previous years added to the hope of the latter.

Reality soon came knocking on the door when Bitcoin fell sharply afterwards Crush the symbolic ceiling of 50,000 dollars. the the creator of the biggest memecoin created so far, it doesn’t matter. Bitcoin is not in good shape, and it expresses it by ironically asking where its progress is. He even added that even the smallest advance above zero was worth considering for Bitcoin.

Is DogeCoin doing much better?

The price of Bitcoin joked by the creator of Dogecoin

One may wonder why the creator of DogeCoin so savage when looking at the situation of cryptocurrency.

DogeCoin is no longer the model for crypto where we currently want to invest. DogeCoin fails to really gain momentum and is affected daily by new projects.

At the moment, DogeCoin does neither good nor bad. We are facing a status quo that could be broken in the coming months. I hope, the memecoins the need to take risk will be in demand again more important to investors.

If today DogeCoin is considered as the first memecoins of all time, it is not so dangerous. he currently trading around $0.0695 and losing an insignificant amount of its value every day. In short, there is a fear that the memecoins will be reborn one day rather than a major update to the project.

dogecoin price

DogeCoin price in the last month.

Whatever Billy Marcus gently mocking the performance of Bitcoin, it will also be necessary to remain vigilant on DogeCoin.

Why does Bitcoin keep falling?

The crypto queen is suffering from a huge influx of investors into its market. The IS bitcoin’s big correction since its historical peak is at 68,992 dollars but logical.

Bitcoin and the financial markets

There is bitcoin be an asset that follows more traditional equity markets. He suffered because of the decline of these in the world. The Dow Jones just fell, losing 4% of its value even recently.

To make it short, the Central bank inflationary policy hits Bitcoin directly. Investors consider it a risky asset. Therefore, it is still not a safe haven as some have suggested.

The cryptocurrency market is in a general panic

There have been many scandals in the world of crypto since it appeared. Between the repeated scams, the freezing of customer assets, the wallet hack, cryptocurrency does not enjoy good press.

for now, investors desperately need security guarantees be able to invest properly in the crypto markets.

New projects such as Tamadoge, Battle, Infinity, etc. have a good impression. They offer recognized KYC and with a mechanism that prevents fraudulent market manipulation.

Tamadoge, a breath of fresh air in the universe of memecoins

Tamadoge corner

As we told you before, new projects are appearing and competing with DogeCoins. Still top of the list Tamadoge comes with a fun and innovative concept.

Tamadoge game

The principle of Tamadoge is simple. you Creatures must be collected in the form of NFTs and make a fight with them. Tamadoge offers us to embed it on our phones with a mobile application.

The fights take place in the arenas, and players fight to win new rewards.

Why does Tamadoge beat DogeCoin?

Tamadoge is definitely a better investment than DogeCoin right now. His new character and his bet on nostalgia with a game inspired by Tamagotchis is already causing havoc.

His economic system is well thought out. All exchanges will be subject to a 5% transaction fee. In addition to this 5%, 30% will also be taken for the marketing budget of the project.

For each exchange, this therefore a 35% fee will be applied to players. This method allows the currency tohave a deflationary character. Thus, the scarcity of encryption increases over time. This avoids ending up with an excess of tokens in circulation that lowers the value of the latter.

tamadog system

Buying a TAMA token is easy

To buy a TAMA token, it is very simple. All you have to do is go to the official pre-sale page of the project.

To make it easier for you, we recommend that you create a MetaMask or TrustWallet wallet beforehand. These are the main wallets that allow you to exchange your funds for these tokens!

If you want to learn more about buying a TAMA token, follow our detailed tutorial here.

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