The next cryptocurrency that could explode in 2022 like Dogecoin (DOGE)

The next cryptocurrency that could explode in 2022 like Dogecoin (DOGE)

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Meme coins seem to be the cryptos of the moment again: After assets like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) recently fought for every cent of the profit, the trend seems to be slowly turning positive now. More and more often, meme coins were facing strong daily gains, and price predictions are also becoming more confident again.

A new meme base in particular is getting strong media coverage right now: Tamadoge (TAMA). The new cryptocurrency is trying to dismantle Dogecoin and offer a complicated play-to-earn experience, ie: Users should be able to earn money with Tamadoge in a fun way. The asset is still in the pre-sale, ie in advance. Corresponding investments are considered risky because you spend money before you get a product for it. However, many investors have pre-sold interest, because they offer the opportunity to start a project as soon as possible.


So, is Tamadoge worth buying? Forecasters call Tamadoge the “best utility meme coin” and see the potential to explode like Shiba Inu or Dogecoin in 2022!

What is a tamadoge?

There’s hardly a way around this emerging meme base: Tamadoge (TAMA) has only been on pre-sale for a few weeks – and already everyone is talking about it. Within a very short period of time, TAMA was able to leave behind pre-sale stage after pre-sale stage.

Tamadoge has currently broken the 5 million dollar mark, as the developers happily announced on Twitter:

‼️ Another big milestone – we hit $5 MILLION in our pre-sale ‼️.

We sell out fast, don’t miss your chance to get $TAMA! 🚀🌔

A whopping $5,454,644 in USDT has been raised in the presale so far. Once the $6.5 million mark is reached, the pre-sale will move on to the next stage. This is accompanied by a price increase on the TAMA token – that should create an incentive for investors to enter before the end of the current phase.

Also bullish for Tamadoge: According to the developers, the first stock exchange listing has already been confirmed. After the pre-sale, Tamadoge (TAMA) is set to list on LBank, one of the top 20 crypto exchanges. LBank is currently ranked 15th with a daily trading volume of $1 billion.

“Important reminder: After the presale, $TAMA will be listed on one of the top 20 #cryptoexchanges. LBBanc_Exchange 🔥

Get some $TAMA now and take advantage of the discounted price before we go #ToTheMoon 🚀🌔.”

Exchange listing as a 100x factor

Corresponding exchange listings usually mark an important milestone for cryptocurrencies. Background: New coins are usually screened by centralized crypto exchanges before they are added to the register. Listing legitimizes a new cryptocurrency and gives it credibility.

This often has a very positive effect on the price – in addition to increased liquidity, because suddenly many potential buyers have the opportunity to invest in the cryptocurrency. LBank writes bullish about the upcoming listing:

“LBank will list TAMA(TamaDoge) soon. […] TamaDoge isn’t just the future of the Doge ecosystem, it’s the future of gaming to earn.”

But now specifically: What about Tamadoge?

How does Tamadoge work?

Some crypto investors may have already noticed that the name Tamadoge is a clever combination of the name for the most popular meme coin “Dogecoin” (DOGE) and “Tamagotchi” – probably the most popular gaming gadget in the 90s. And this name says it all: cute dog branding along with sophisticated NFT-based pet simulation – it’s all promising.

In fact, Tamadoge (TAMA) sees itself as a kind of next generation meme coin – a meme coin with utility. Specifically, Tamadoge is going to be a gaming platform. In the middle: the pet Tamadoge.

The players must take care of that conscientiously and educate him. So you get the first reward: Anyone who stands out as a very good pet owner will rise in the rankings with their pet and be rewarded for this.

Competitions are also an important part of Tamadoge: according to the white paper, you can let your Tama-Pet compete against other players’ pets and you have to prove your skill in NFT based game mechanic.

The people who are particularly good at this get doge points – and at the end of the month there is a reward for them. The leader boards should start before the end of the year. allowing players to test the play-to-earn mechanisms.

Also exciting: The Tamadoge team is also focused on its own metaverse, ie a virtual world – the so-called Tamaverse. It will be interesting to see how this is thought out.

An augmented reality (AR) application and 3D versions of Tamadoge’s pet Metaverse world outside the “Tamaverse” are also planned at the same time. Over time, play-to-earn capabilities in this way will be expanded to include augmented reality features – Your pet Tamadoge could then play with their friends in the Tamaverse!

Map of Tamadoge

Compared to Dogecoin (DOGE), the developers rely on plenty of “utilities”, to future-proof the project in the long term.

What is a TAMA sign?

The TAMA token is the cornerstone of the Tamadoge economy. It can be used for:

  • Speculation: Tamadoge token, like any other cryptocurrency, can lose or gain value significantly. Investors may also use the token for speculative purposes only. Will Tamadoge Be The Next Top Meme Coin? this could also send the price of the token through the roof.
  • In-Game Transactions: TAMA tokens are the currency of the Tamadoge platform. You can use it to buy in-game items on the related market – including, for example, all kinds of pets, food or accessories such as toys. All items are available as NFTs. If you don’t need an item, you can sell it on the market for TAMA tokens.
  • Valuable rewards from playing to earn: All Tamaverse users should be able to participate in various online games with Dogepoints. Who tops the monthly rankings, TAMA gets signals on it. Bullish for TAMA holders: Whenever a player buys or sells something on the market, 5% of the transaction goes into the prize pool. That means: The more transactions that occur, the higher the reward. Therefore, the more successful Tamadoge becomes, the higher the reward will be given to the players.

Buy Tamadoge – in just 4 steps

Buying TamaDoge (TAMA) is easy. In this short tutorial I will show you how it works.

1st step: Configure a wallet

You need a crypto wallet to buy TamaDoge – like MetaMask or TrustWallet. For example, you can load MetaMask from the home page and then install the extension in the browser.

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

You need Ethereum or the stablecoin USDT in your wallet to buy Tamadoge. So make sure you have ETH or USDT in your wallet before heading to the Tamadoge presale. Both can be purchased at or eToro, for example.

Step 3: Connect wallet to TamaDoge homepage

Click this link or use the button below to visit the TamaDoge home page. Here you click on the “Connect Wallet” button. After that you have to confirm your crypto wallet request.

Step 4: Buy TamaDoge in the pre-sale

Now you can buy Tamadoge. Enter the amount of TAMA tokens you wish to purchase. As soon as the pre-sale ends, the TAMA tokens can be “claimed”, ie requested. The developers would like to announce additional information before the end of the pre-sale.

Important: Buying cryptocurrencies is risky. The following applies: DYOR – Do Your Own Research. Do your own research and get detailed information from various sources before you decide to buy cryptocurrency! This post is not investment advice.

Buy TamaDoge now in presale

Last updated on August 19, 2022

The Tamadoge Presale has started!

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