The most popular cryptocurrencies on TikTok: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and more

The most popular cryptocurrencies on TikTok: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and more

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular on social media. In this article, we took a closer look at the most popular cryptocurrencies on TikTok: Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum, as well as three new coins Lucky Block, Battle Infinity and Tamadoge.

It is no surprise that Bitcoin is the most popular here – after all, it is the original cryptocurrency. But Dogecoin and Ethereum are also doing well thanks to their loyal fan base. It should be noted that TikTok companies are prohibited from reporting on cryptocurrencies.

According to the platform, this is due to the many scams that have occurred on the platform. However, that hasn’t stopped companies from using influencer marketing to get exposure for their bases. Anyone using Tiktok as a source of information should, therefore, get more information independently about the prices and background of the tokens. Here is some inspiration.


In the last few months, Bitcoin has become one of the most popular topics on Tiktok. Influencers related to cryptocurrencies have gained millions of followers by sharing their tips on buying, selling and trading Bitcoin. But why is Bitcoin so popular on Tiktok?


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There are a few reasons for this. First, Tiktok is a global platform with users from all over the world. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is not controlled by any government or financial institution. This appeals to users looking for an alternative to traditional currencies. Secondly, Tiktok is a visual platform. Bitcoin trading videos can be more engaging and easier to understand than text-based content. Finally, many Tiktok users are young adults who like to take risks. Cryptocurrencies are often seen as volatile assets, but that doesn’t stop Tiktok users looking for an opportunity to make a quick profit.

Thanks to its global reach, visual format, and young audience, Tiktok has become a hotbed of bitcoin activity. Cryptocurrency influencers on the scene are helping to spread awareness and adoption of Bitcoin among a new generation of users.


Since its launch in 2015, Ethereum has become very popular as a blockchain platform for dapps. Although not as well known as the Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum offers several advantages that have made it attractive to developers. One of the most important features of Ethereum is its smart contract functionality. This allows developers to create contracts that execute themselves when certain conditions are met.


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A variety of applications can be built this way, from simple financial transactions to complex decentralized applications. Additionally, Ethereum is much more flexible than Bitcoin in terms of transaction fees. While the Bitcoin fees are fixed, the Ethereum fees can be adjusted depending on the load on the application. As a result, Ethereum has become a popular choice for developing dapps.

TikTok users quickly recognized the potential of Ethereum and its dapps. Many jobs are related to ETH blockchain applications from gaming to financial services. TikTok users are clearly excited about the opportunities offered by Ethereum and its dapps. With the growing popularity of Ethereum, we are likely to see more ETH based dapps on Tiktok in the future.


Dogecoin is omnipresent as a meme base on TikTok. This is largely due to Dogefather Elon Musk, who has helped raise awareness of cryptocurrency through his social media posts and appearances on popular podcasts.


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The resulting hype caused the price of Dogecoin to skyrocket, with the currency hitting an all-time high of $0.73 in May 2021. However, some experts have warned against investing in Dogecoin due to high price volatility and lack of fundamentals.

However, the currency remains popular with Millennials and Gen Z, who appear to be more willing than older investors to take risks in search of potential gains.

Lucky block

Since this year, Lucky Block is trying to build a universal gaming platform based on blockchain. The idea is that this would create a more efficient way of gaming. Funds could be deposited and withdrawn quickly and easily from anywhere in the world with internet access and the transactions would be recorded in an immutable smart contract.


Our mission is to develop transparency and fairness in gaming and to create a global gaming platform where every player has a better chance. We also want to contribute to good causes and communities! 🤝

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So far, the project has already attracted some attention as the first Tiktok influencers are already on board. However, it remains to be seen whether Lucky Block can pull through. If this is the case, the cryptocurrency could appreciate again.

battle infinity

Over the past year, the Metaverse has become increasingly present on Tiktok. Now that a new cryptocurrency, Battle Infinity, has started pre-sales, it is expected to increase its activity on the platform soon as well. The Metaverse is a digital world parallel to our own. It’s a place where people can create avatars and interact with each other in real time.

battle infinity

Many businesses are now using the Metaverse to increase their brand awareness and reach out to potential customers. In this context, Battle Infinity is a new cryptocurrency that allows users to earn rewards for playing. The pre-sale of the currency is already underway, and the official launch is planned for later this year. By expanding its presence on Tiktok, Battle Infinity can reach a larger audience and increase its adoption. This already seems to be bearing fruit. The soft cap of 2000 BNB has already been collected.


Tamadoge is an interesting coin that could introduce Gen Z to cryptocurrency through Tiktok. The Tamagotchi was a popular digital pet in the 1990s and early 2000s, and the Tamadoge cryptocurrency (derived from the Tamagotchi brand) could help revive interest in this classic toy. In addition to being a fun and entertaining currency, Tamadoge can also be used to earn NFTs (non-funded tokens).

Tamadoge town

These NFTs could be used to unlock special features or rewards within the application, providing an additional incentive for users to engage with this new cryptocurrency. Ultimately, Tamadoge’s goal is to bring people closer to cryptocurrency in a fun and easy way, and it looks like this coin has the potential to really change the world of digital payments. Whether Gen Z will embrace this new premise remains to be seen, but it’s certainly an interesting concept worth exploring.

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