“The Infinite Machine”: The movie based on Ethereum (ETH) is coming to our screens

“The Infinite Machine”: The movie based on Ethereum (ETH) is coming to our screens

Versus Entertainment has used Decentraland and Lumiere to develop metaverse and NFT features for their “The Infinite Machine” movie project.

A highly anticipated film

“The Infinite Machine” is a film adaptation of Camilla Russo’s book of the same title, now being produced by Versus by Ridley Scott’s production company Scott Free. It tells the story of Vitalik Buterin.

The co-founder of Ethereum is considered by many to be the most influential person in the cryptocurrency world and pushing Ethereum blockchain innovation at all times. He is no longer a billionaire since bear market.

With a budget of $ 16 million, the film is set for a third round of NFT broadcasts in the coming months, and this project will be the first ever NFT – funded film. The collection is said to contain 10,499 specially designed NFTs, from 36 emerging artists, including works by Lucas Riberiro, Marella Gonzalez and Eduardo Calegari.

In an interview in Cannes, the author discusses his vision for NFT funding with Decrypt: “ It seems very clear to me “, she said. ” This is the first book on Ethereum history, probably the first movie on Ethereum. It must be fully funded by Ethereum technology and the Ethereum community; it would only make sense to fund it in the traditional way. »

The multiple bridges between the physical and the digital

As we have already said, larger NFTs are used to create bridges between the digital world and the physical world. The film The Infinite Machine finds a new example of NFT funding using new metaverse technologies to enhance the content offered to fans.

The metaverse is still underused and thanks to this film not only will the general public discover the incredible life of the young founder of Ethereum, but also the new technological doors that the metaverse has opened.

We’re really proud that a company like Lumiere and a film as important as The Infinite Machine chose Decentraland to build their experience to interact with their fans. The link between the movies, their communities and the Metaverse already exists said Alejandro De Grazia, film and entertainment leader at the Decentraland Foundation.

Web 3.0 is about hyper-interaction between all stakeholders, and Decentraland is already very popular. This collaboration will allow the public and the film’s producers to interact in a whole new way. By breaking physical boundaries thanks to the metaverse, we show once again that the blockchain connects people and always creates more interaction.

The Infinite Machine is an opportunity to participate in a very important project funding to take Web 3.0, by gaining a better understanding of the usefulness of Ethereum as it introduces the human to the world of Vitalik and the metaverse. These projects on the frontiers of Web 3.0 and the physical world will be the flagship projects of blockchain technology.

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