The first luxury watch with a Bitcoin design – for $400,000 it’s yours

The first luxury watch with a Bitcoin design - for $400,000 it's yours

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The Solar Astrology is the first luxury Bitcoin watch from watchmakers Jacob & Co. It has cutting-edge technology and was developed with cryptocurrencies in mind.

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The Astrology represents the pinnacle of Jacob & Co watchmaking in the 21st century: If you are passionate about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can buy the Solar Astrology for $400,000. It even comes with Bitcoin features.


The concept of astronomy

Astrology is a unique watch concept. There are only 25 of them. The law of scarcity is very similar to the scarcity of Bitcoin.

A limited edition timepiece, Astrology symbolizes the beginning of Bitcoin and its evolution from theory to a central building block of today’s financial system.

This concept also helps to make it attractive to investors and traders with the spare cash.

The Bitcoin Clock. Image: Jacob & Co

The 444 components and two rotating fires of Astrology are struck. The first platform is the microchip motherboard that resembles Satoshi Nakamoto’s brain. The other is made of arms as well as other complicated moving parts.

The clock is capable of completing a ten-minute revolution, which is the time it takes to clock in while waiting for Bitcoin price changes. The watch face looks the same as ASICs motherboard fans that mined BTC.

Astrology – the crypto clock

The hands of this black Astronomy bitcoin watch are made of 18k rose gold.

The luxury watch is also visually appealing with its elegant and transparent sapphire crystal window, sophisticated black titanium case and alligator leather.

The rotating bitcoin token pays homage to cryptocurrencies, especially the bitcoin universe that started it all. The company on this:

“All these symbols tell the story of the arrival of the first cryptocurrency, from abstraction to reality, from an outlier to a main feature of the financial system.”

The case of the Astronomy is 21 millimeters thick and has a diameter of 44 millimeters. The luxurious timepiece also features continuous lugs that are set at a vertical angle for a comfortable and snug fit on the wrist.

In addition, the Bitcoin-inspired luxury watch features a one-carat moon diamond, gold clay and a black rocket ship. Imagine how much engineering and science went into this thing.

Other luxury watchmakers that have dipped their toes into the crypto space include Tag Heuer, Breitling, and Hublot. But the only Bitcoin-inspired luxury watch comes from Jacob & Co.

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Text credit: Bitcoinist

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