The expert sees an explosion in the price of Bitcoin in May – the new cryptocurrency AiDoge also offers a huge bull run potential

The expert sees an explosion in the price of Bitcoin in May - the new cryptocurrency AiDoge also offers a huge bull run potential

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Bitcoin has been below $30,000 for weeks and is not really moving. However, an expert is expecting new highlights for May – and meme generator AiDoge (AI) is also preparing for excessive profits. What should investors know now?

Bitcoin – Bull Run in May?

When will Bitcoin finally start pumping again? The number 1 cryptocurrency by market capitalization was $30,827 in 2023 – so far there has been a lack of momentum for more. Top analyst Alex Krüger is nevertheless confident that BTC will head towards new highs in May.

In a new tweet, an industry watcher comments: The Bitcoin price is showing strength amid the US banking crisis – that’s a good sign. Kruger:

“High for the year.

People are also bearish.

Small banks have been destroyed.

A negative correlation with bank paper is no coincidence.”

The chart analyst is sure: May will be bullish for Bitcoin. So bullish that there are even new highs to come. If you want to get started: Buying Bitcoin with PayPal is a practical option. Krueger:

“$BTC new highs in May

I hope you are ready for it”

Its justification: the state of the US banking system. He explains:

“Negative correlation + small bank collapse thesis

Because contrary to what the Fed, the White House and the Treasury would like to believe, the US banking system is not healthy and resilient.”

Exactly what Krüger means by “new highs” remains to be seen. He expects a new local high, ie prices above the $35,000 mark. It leaves open exactly how high Bitcoin will rise in its estimation. But: Analysts expect excellent performance for another cryptocurrency in the coming months: AiDoge (AI). The reason: The project combines the promises of artificial intelligence and meme coins and is already creating a sensation in the current pre-sale!

AiDoge – AI powered Dogecoin killer

AiDoge is a new cryptocurrency based on the Dogecoin idea, but at the same time uses the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI or AI) for itself: Advanced AI algorithms are used to create high-quality memes that can go viral – Forecasts estimate even 100x possible!

In addition, AiDoge offers betting mechanisms that allow you to generate income passively. In the current presale, AiDoge (AI) has already been able to raise more than $1.55 million in capital from investors within a very short period of time – so the project is a big hit.

But there are more reasons to invest in AiDoge (AI). For one, due to its technological nature, AiDoge offers fast and low-cost transactions. Second, AiDoge is run by an experienced and dedicated team that is constantly working to improve and expand the base. In addition, analysts expect a continuous upward trend as the project combines the growth areas of crypto, meme coins and AI.

Bullish for investors too: AiDoge is still at an early stage – those who invest now could benefit from huge growth potential once the project reaches its goals and as a result receives increased attention and adoption . 1 AI costs only 0.0000268 dollars – for 100 dollars you get a whopping 3.7 million AIs.

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Last updated 5 May 2023

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