The Ethereum Merge should be for September 19

Le Merge Ethereum devrait être pour le 19 septembre

The developers have chosen mid-September as the target for Ethereum’s transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-issue. Nothing is finished yet but the Merger is fast approaching!

Clarifications provided during a developer conference

The developers discussed the various steps required before the Merger during a conference on 14 July. Tom Beiko, the organizer of the meeting suggested this date of the 19th which is currently uncertain. Indeed, it isunofficial roadmap but true to its spirit Ethereum will not shake things up unless everything is ready.

One of the developers, superphiz.eth, mentions in this regard that this date must be treated as a “planning timeline”, stating that the public must still wait for official confirmation.

This date of September 19 is in line with what many observers of Ethereum and the crypto market expected. However, some commentators are more serious about this Year of the Combine, especially given the multiple delays that Ethereum has accumulated over the years.

Also, as mentioned in a previous article, the developers’ decision to delay the “Time Bomb” snd also the doubt related to this date, September 19, for the merger. Some developers pushed to find a fixed and definitive date but Beiko has shown particularly in favor of this solution, citing the great pressure Ethereum teams were already under. Beiko had already stated that the Merger would take place between August and September unless a particular event prevented it.

For Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, the deadline was the same. He indeed said that the Merger would take place in August at best or perhaps in September or October.

The Shadow 9 fork went live this week

If this date for the Merger is therefore not conclusive, other Ethereum network updates it continues to run. This is the case for the Shadow Fork 9 which was recently implemented. According to Devops engineer from the Ethereum Foundation, Paritosh, the developers mostly tested updates and builds on the Sepolia hard fork “with a tighter network”.

Shadow Fork 9 went live on July 14th, which is earlier than expected. Paritosh said that it was because of a small spike in the Ethereum hashrate that rushed things and a miscalculation on the part of the developers regarding the Shadow Fork 9 deployment estimate.

for now, no issues noted since the implementation of the Shadow Fork, which prepares the Merger for the Goerli testnet. This will be the last testnet try out the merge before the Ethereum mainnet switches to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Ethereum is on the rise again on Friday July 15th with a 7% gain in the last 24 hours even if it is still in a range between $1000 and $1250 for the time being.

For more information on the Merger and its consequences for minors, find our article here.

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