The British ‘Bitcoin Adventures’ shows that BTC is a family business

The British 'Bitcoin Adventures' shows that BTC is a family business

Bitcoin (BTC) is for everyone: toddlers, kids, hard rockers and even racing pigs. At the ‘Bitcoin Adventures’ held in the Avon Valley, near Bristol, bitcoiners and enthusiasts shared their knowledge, jokes and personal journeys as they entered the world of bitcoin, despite the predictable wet weather from the UK. Even better, bitcoin’s “toxic optimization” was not absent. – The Bitcoin Adventure (@TheBTCAdventure) July 3, 2022

The “adventure” took place in the world’s first animal park for Bitcoin contact. While some of the most famous Bitcoiners in the UK led the main stage, the 250 attendees who bought tickets (paid in BTC, of ​​course) could also play with the park’s Furry Bitcoiner mascots: goats and pets, rabbits his suit and watch pig races. .

Free, daytime adventure presentation. Source: Cointelegraph

Organizer DB told Cointelegraph that the “aim is to create a family bitcoin event to bring people together from across the UK, share ideas and learn in a relaxed family environment. »

“While we believe in the success of the event, we have gone into the unknown in many ways. However, the positive responses from all involved were fantastic and the event exceeded our expectations. ”

From Zoomer generation to Boomer generation, and with a gender balance that most Bitcoin dating can only expect, the Bitcoin Event was a community event to complement the decentralized movement. There were no sponsors, “great shadowers” or bad actors using bitcoin to destabilize the banks – only “people volunteering their time to education others ”.

In fact, the most enticing customers, if any, must be the mischievous meerkats band:

We’m good to go … #Bitcoin accepted here. Thanks to @CoinCorner and @CoinCornerDanny. Fun for all the family #TheBitcoinAdventure – The Bitcoin Adventure (@TheBTCAdventure) July 2, 2022

For some bettors, the Bitcoin Incident was a day to lose their knowledge of the Lightning Network. Bars were accepting bitcoin on the Lightning Network using CoinCorner point-of-sale devices, famous for their #LightningLunch Bitcoin, and stickers with QR codes reading “free sati here” were hidden in the animal park. Also, Bitcoin stickers, fancy socks, and even cufflinks could be purchased for a few satoshis.

Be like @SophieNakamoto. Buy me pints with #bitcoins on the #lightningnetwork – Joe Hall (@JoeNakamoto) July 2, 2022

Ben Arc of LNBits, a self-proclaimed bitcoin enthusiast of FOSS (free open source software), gave a thought provoking presentation on open source tools. It could be found tinkering with LN hardware devices and QR code readers, and was ready to answer even the most complex questions.

The day’s talks covered topics as diverse as lessons on a multi-signature wallet, courtesy of Neil Woodfine of Unchained Capital, the risks and rewards of bitcoin mining by analyst and miner Jason Deane, and popular podcaster Daniel Prince and Nathan Day of events with a discussion on bitcoin, home education and travel. Then their children “stormed on stage” to answer questions.

Congress “global school of bitcoiners”. Source: Cointelegraph

Jordan Walker, CEO of the Bitcoin Collective (the first bitcoin conference in the UK) and host of the event, mixed with those new to this digital and decentralized currency. And while people over 18 had gathered at the bar to buy pints using the Lightning Network and discuss the day’s details, the kids had bitcoin-themed activities to keep them busy and entertained. DB Organizer explains:

“It is important for children to learn through play and Bitcoin Ballers, Zebedee, Gamertron and Robotechy gave children the opportunity to have fun and learn about bitcoin. »

Coach Carbon, the bitcoin soccer coach behind Bitcoin Ballers, was helping young children and teens “get out of the box” with an inflatable soccer goal. Elsewhere, bitcoin games and even “explaining bitcoin using playdoh” are seen as child-friendly bitcoin talks. Education for kids is a subset of bitcoin learning, as more authors and educators create content with their kids in mind.

The Bitcoin Racing team presented one of the fastest ads for Bitcoin and El Salvador. Bitcoin ‘miners’ took to the wheel of the Citroën C1 decorated with the El Salvador flag that will be racing in the UK in the coming months:

@TheBTCAdventure had a #bitcoin racing team at @AvonValleyPark Flying the flags for #bitcoin and #ElSalvador [email protected]_racing @jessicabukele @VanessInteriano – Daniel Prince (@PrinceySOV) July 3, 2022

The highlight of the episode and the hidden pearl was undoubtedly Roger 9000, a spirited Bitcoin musician. The one-man band ended the day playing songs inspired by Satochi. The lyrics included ” Bitcoin is the machine of love (Bitcoin is the love machine), and the song “ All of Canada A battle cry for the protests of Bitcoin-backed truck drivers in North America.

As the sun went over the inaugural event, many people pitched in the tents at the campsite. For the DB organizer, the plan is to “sort out the dust, sit down in the coming weeks and review the day – what we could have done differently and what we could improve” .

“We will then launch the machine for the Bitcoin 2023 episode”.

The Bitcoin episode is expected next summer, with no signs of a meerkat bear.

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